01 December 2014

Week 77: Transportation Issues NEVER END

December 1, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

Achter-op adventures

 So we are luckily emailing at the church today. We tried to go to a spin class with the Elders this morning, and we knew the trains would not be running because of strikes, but after 20 minutes of waiting in the cold and dark at a bus stop, we also learned that the buses weren't going between Lokeren and Sint-Niklaas either. So after a series of miracles, some members came and brought us to the church. These people are wonderful. We've probably ridden in their car too much this week. I shall tell you why.

Friday night. We were with the district leaders in Lokeren so we were walking everywhere. We were all going to meet at the WML's house so we could go with his wife to visit him in the hospital, but we (Zr MB and I) had to run home to get something before we got there. So we ran, got what we needed and then came downstairs to our bikes so we could ride to their house faster. Well. Zr MB's bike key was gone. Luckily, I got my brakes fixed last week, so she could ride achter-op, and we made it on time. But after searching EVERYTHING, even the path we took while running to our apartment, we still couldn't find the keys. So we were doing everything on Saturday with one bike. Luckily, Lokeren is small so we can walk most places, but in the evening we went to go look someone up who had referred herself that lives like 15 minutes away on the bikes. 

Someone was home, but they didn't answer the door! Frustrating. But we decided to just knock in the area for a while before moving on. So after knocking the street, we went back to my bike and as I was searching my pockets for MY bike keys, I said, "Ha, it'd be funny if I also lost my key." Lo and behold.....it was gone. Unbelievable. We looked all around the places we'd been, I emptied out my bag...nothing. HOW?! We basically felt like Job. Just kidding, but seriously, TWO BIKE KEYS LOST WITHIN 24 HOURS OF EACH OTHER?! Amazing. We just had to laugh, cause, like...what's crying going to help? So we put my bike against a fence and decided we'd tell members about it at church the next morning and see what to do. Then we walked home and talked to people along the way. I kept thinking, "There has to be some sort of purpose for this. Obviously we are going to see people we would not have seen and we're going to need to talk to them." There weren't really people outside though...But we knocked a little bit as well. I was just bewildered by why it was happening. Then I was looking back at all of the things we had to do because of our bikelessness. We saw some real miracles! First, we ran into Comfort and her mom while walking home. That was a huge miracle because Comfort really, really wants to come to church every week and activities, but her mom wants her to go to her church every other week and stuff. And her mom usually leaves the room when we come over to teach Comfort, so we were discussing ways to get a better relationship with her and then BOOM, we had to basically walk home together. It was good to just talk to her and let her see that we're normal.

Also we ran into Cassandra, a potential investigator; Marc, a new investigator who offered us a ride; and another potential's mom. We talked to all of them and confirmed appointments. I guess that must have needed to happen. 

So we got to church because a member drove us and we told one of the members that is the go-to guy for bike issues. He came by last night and cut Zr MB's chain and then drove us to my bike and took it with him, will cut my achter-slot, and is going to bring it back with us when he takes us today. What a doll.

In other news, it was my last zone conference this week. I think it sort of hit that I'm going home. It was so weird, like, everybody kept asking me how I'm feeling and stuff and I just haven't really thought about it that much that seriously. But then we had to give dying testimonies, and as I was sitting up on the stand during a musical number, I just felt so weird. I didn't like it. Then I was all nervous and dumb as I was giving my testimony, which is lame cause I had actually sort of prepared. But oh well. We got to sleep over in Dordrecht that night. It was so cute. I'm kind of Holland home sick. Plus, I got to see Zr Watkins. Anyway President talked about how loving the people (and motivations in general...I got a shout-out because of a zone training I’d given a couple transfers ago about the same thing...ha), obedience, and faith are all related. It's so true. If we're not happy, we need to be throwing ourselves into the work more. I love that about missionary work. If you want change, work harder and you'll see positive change. I really loved zone conference. Elder Moreira of the 70 came too. His wife only speaks Portuguese and I saw her in the bathroom and said something I remember hearing when Spencer had those CDs in the car before his mission haha. She liked it. Pretty sure it was "how are you" but you can never be positive. Elder Moreira talked about a lot of stuff, but what stuck with me was the story of Portuguese sea men that basically broke all of the self-limiting beliefs in the world. We are the only ones that limit ourselves. Heavenly Father wants to help us so bad, we just have to be willing to let Him. We decide how we're going to work with our circumstances and make them better. 
Zone conference!
Also, at zone conference, President came up to me and goes, "Your extension papers have been processed." Then I laughed and told him that my mom would kill me and then he responded with "No, she'd kill ME!" Probably true.

Just so you know, I'm emailing to the tune of...the Elders screaming at each other in ping pong.

Oh my goodness let me update you about Eline! She's amazing. We have lessons with her every Monday night, and she asks the best questions. Last week she asked us if her inactive boyfriend would have to be re-baptized before he could baptize her. The best part is that the inactive boyfriend has a very active sister and we teach them in the sister’s house! They came to church yesterday and really liked it. We were freaking out because they came late, but they MADE IT! There's nothing better than having investigators at church. When the chapel smells like smoke like it did yesterday, you know the missionaries are doing something right...well...kinda. It means people want to change!

I only have to weekly plan one more time in my life. Halle-freaking-LUJAH.

I'm just going to be working on making sure I stay strong until the end. I have to start packing...yesterday I made myself put 20 things in my suitcase during dinner. That was a good plan. Ugh. 


Zr Heilner
Some members gave us a tree. We were sooooo happy!
It was SO cold yesterday. Getting on the train was so nice.

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