21 October 2013

Week 18: Two Down!

October 14, 2013

Our companionship photo. She's rollerblading and holding onto my achter op as I’m biking

Geliefde Familie:

So yes, transfer calls happened. I know that's what you want to hear first, so I'll just go ahead and let ya know. My companion is going to Amsterdam.  My companion is just awesome. Such a hard worker. She's going to be the Sister Training Leader in that zone. I'm going to miss her so much. My new companion is Zr Larson. She's Zr Hudson’s age in the mission. And I think she's 21 also. Anyway, I'm staying in Groningen. Idk how much longer, but for now, yay! Amsterdam uses only Metro, which I would LOOOOOOVE, so I hope I get to go there too someday. Oh the Elders. My DL who has been in Groningen with me the whole time and who is just great is going to Apeldoorn to be the ZL with one of his old companions. And his replacement is Elder Bonney from my group. He's cool and he was trained by the other ZL in Apeldoorn so I bet they will fight about who gets to come to Groningen to exchange. The other two Elders aren't changing. I'm going to miss Zr Hudson and Elder Muse a lot, but they are needed elsewhere. 

CHRIS GOT BAPTIZED! He is amazing, people. We went to the house of a lady in our ward with him because we needed a third woman to have a lesson with him, and he basically was telling her that she needs to come to church because nothing is more important than taking the sacrament. And then, I was sitting by him on Sunday, and the lady went to bear her testimony and I leaned over and started saying something to him about it and he was like, "yeah I know! She came!" It was cool. He gets it. I want him to get the Priesthood soon. I was teaching him more about it with another Sister (we were on exchanges) and he was like, "Yeah, this is something I really want to be able to bring into a family." And and and hahaha Zr Hudson was like, "yeeeeah, maybe I won't ever get married." and he basically said, "did you not listen to general conference? You have to." hahah. He gets it. I love it. 


I will finish writing later, we are about to have an epic nurf war with the elders. Love you guys! Maybe you'll be awake when I am back. 

I’m back:
Dear Dad, thanks for taking me shooting. I know that's not the only reason I can hold my own in a zombie nurf battle, but it was still really fun. 

So we went to Leeuwarden on Saturday because the senior sister is RSP and she needed help for an activity. She and her husband leave Nederland tomorrow, I'm pretty sad about it. Could you add her to the email list?  thanks. Anyway, we could only get a slow train back to Groningen, so we were going to be late for our Chinese appointment (it is so hard to get him to admit he believes in God. I KNOW he does though). So we were running out of the station to our bikes and they were GONE. No, I have not gotten a new bike, by the way. So the city had taken them because they were chained to a fence, and usually in Groningen that's okay (especially because the station parking is completely full now that all the students are back) but we parked them along the path that leads blind people, a path that we had no idea existed. Of course they can take your bike on a Saturday, but you can only pick it up on working days, so the whole weekend we were on the bus because rental bikes were all gone. I'm telling you, now that the students are back, Groningen is PACKED. But probably not even close to as populated as like Rotterdam or something. So we went this morning to go get our bikes and they were 25 euros to get back. I couldn't tell if this was an answer to my prayer and I should just leave it, so I called the sister that's coming here and she said she'd buy it from me even though I told her I didn't want it, so I bought it back, but I may just end up keeping it. It's really not that bad since the seat was raised. And here, you bike or die.

Speaking of, my companion hit a girl on her bike today. After we got them back, we were going to the church to email and she just head on hit someone. My companion of course got up and started asking if the girl was okay, who was in tears, saying that her knee had been hit out of place. A tearful hour filled with calling doctors later, we walked out of her apartment (she is FINE, by the way) and were back on our way.

I finally had real Suriname food. It's delicious. Try to look up a recipe for roti. 

One of our investigators is a ghost buster. Idk, but he can feel spirits around him. I was talking to him about grandpa and he said he was with me because I thought of him. So that was pretty cool. And he said something about how he can feel spirits who never had bodies. And I was like, "so they don't YET have bodies?" in Nederlands, that's "nog niet?" and he said, "nog nooit" meaning they will never have bodies. He says they're bad spirits. Guess what, Gerrie, I believe in those spirits too. Wanna talk about the Plan of Salvation?

Anyway, love you people. So much. I'm kinda nervous for the next week, but then I realized it was basically only because I don't know exactly how to get to our dinner appointment on Wednesday, my first day with a new companion, but it'll be okay. 

IK HOU VAN JULLIE. Seriously, so much. Have a great week. Miss you guys,

Your Favorite Child

Don't worry kids, I'm only the favorite because I'm on a mission. 



20 October 2013

Week 17: I LOVE Conference

October 7, 2013


Geliefde Familie:   

Hello, hello. The first thing President Monson talked about on Saturday Morning was member missionary work, so I'm going to go ahead and parallel that. If you could be doing more for the missionaries (giving them referrals, going on joint teaches, etc.) DO IT. And do it today. 

I loved conference. Correction: I love conference. I always get a lot of answers to questions. So remember how Elder Ballard said he just got back from Europe? Well, he was talking to my Mission President. A lot of the things he said in his talk, my mission president taught me last week at zone conference (fun fact, on the way to zone conference, I was walking in a pedestrian zone and a biker totally hit me and I fell and got bloody knees but it was funny and I'm not dead). Basically, make the decision now. Seek and ye shall find opportunities to share the gospel. Everybody, invite one person before Christmas!

Since the time difference exists, we haven't gotten to watch Sunday afternoon yet, but hopefully we will. We all gather at the church to watch it. We had a six-sister sleepover here in Groningen, which was horribly uncomfortable since we only have the two beds and a huge house, but it was a lot of fun. 

OSCAR! Hi, will you email me?! I don't know your email address and it's making me so sad! Or write me. Miss you!!!!

What are some of those minute-to-win it games?? I need things like that to use in FHEs...I'm so bad at coming up with stuff to use as object lessons.

People, I don't have a ton of time. I'm sorry. Keep your covenants. Magnify your callings. SACRIFICE for the gospel, and you will be converted. Refiner’s fire. When the bitter cup won't pass, just drink it and get stronger. 

I love you people so much. Annie, please change my fb setting. 

Oh wait, I have to tell you something hilarious. We had this guy come to conference but only stay for the free food (which is weird because he drives an Audi). He wants to talk to President Monson, someone he feels like would be a "fellow" and he wants to convert him. So we turned his talk on on the computer so he could watch it, but he wouldn't even listen to five seconds of it, telling us he was a blasphemous man and that he could tell he wasn't in the "kingdom of heaven." When we went to have out appointment with him earlier that week, he asked me if my parents were in the kingdom of heaven. Idk what this man wants, but we can't just tell him to ask God about things forever, so I think we're dropping him. 

IK HOU VAN JULLIE! Have an awesome week. Can't believe it's already October......

Love, love, love,

Zuster Heilner

Best members ever...getting married!

06 October 2013

Week 16: Time differences are kind of a bummer

September 30, 2013

This place is simply beautiful

Geliefde Familie,

Nobody is onliiiiine, but oh well. I'm finally sending pictures this week, so that's exciting. 

DEANNA MY LOVE HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY YOU OLDIE! Wish I could be there to throw it down for your 21st...Mormon Style;) Haha, jk, see you when you're 22 and we will just have a huge party because I love you so much. 

Well, friends, were you ever wondering what it is like to get sick twice in 6 weeks with the same sickness? I wasn't, but it still happened to me. Food poisoning on Sunday morning bright and early. But we could NOT just sit at home that day...more on that later.

Spencer, I met a guy from Brazil! He kinda talks like you, you know how you were like nasally? Are you still like that? I have his phone number and fully intend to teach him.

Annie, can you go on my Facebook and make it so people can add me as a friend? Apparently I got paranoid at some point (for good reason, there are creeps out there and you need to be careful. Especially you because you are such a babe and everybody wants you) and made it so only I could add them, so can you fix it so that people can request me as a friend? Thanks.

MIRACLE! Chris. He is wonderful. I had my first lesson with him on my second day in Groningen. I told you a little bit about him last time. Basically, he's really active in his church, and they help him a lot financially. He's a refugee from Africa. He knows he has to be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood, but he didn't want to have to commit to being active in our church because that would mean disappointing a lot of people at his other church. He called us Saturday Night telling us that he had had a dream. In the dream, he saw a book called "the Book of Abraham" and when he woke up, he was really confused because he'd never heard of that. He read in Genesis again (he knows a LOT about the Bible) but wasn't satisfied with what he found. So he HEARD A VOICE saying, "type it into Google" so he did and he found a link to lds.org. So he called us and we told him that we had just bought him a pearl of Great Price and that we would bring it to church for him. From there, he knew this was true and he is getting baptized on Oct 12. !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So then I woke up Sunday morning puking.

We had to skip the first hour of church (RS, but Chris wasn't going to be there until the second hour anyway), but after that, I just pushed through and we biked kinda slowly and made it. We were NOT going to miss Chris. He had a great conversation with our District Leader, and it's all good. Last night, we went over there and he brought up temples as we were leaving. We told him that we will talk more about it next time, but guess what. If all goes as planned, I would get to go through the temple with him in a year, and that would make me SOOOOO happy. 

Anyway, I'm gonna send pictures now.


Zuster Heilner

Dessert at a member's house

Reunited in Belgium with waffles!!! Missed her like crazy

Deventer with mah MTC ladies...I mean sisters

District bowling

My fairy tale lifestyle (where we go running in the mornings except not anymore because it's too dark....bummer, NOT)