Current Address

To get Katie's address in the Netherlands please email her mother, Rosemary, at: 

Important info about letters and packages:

Letters and packages can be sent directly to Katie's apartment. In that case, make sure that it always says her title first (Sister) and then her full name.

Sister Heilner
1, Rue de I'Example
1111 Brussels

If letters or packages or any other things are sent to the Mission Office, make sure that the name of the mission is written BEFORE her name. If not, they have problems receiving them.

Belgium/Netherlands Mission
Sister Heilner
Schipholweg 66
2316 XE, Leiden
The Netherlands

DO NOT declare the value of a package over $40 or else it will be taxed 21% duty.


  1. Hello Mrs. Heilner, I'm a friend of Katie's from school. I was wondering when Katie leaves for Belgium/The Netherlands so I know which address to use?

    1. Hi Emily, Katie leaves for the Netherlands on July 22 very early in the day. I don't think she will receive anything at the MTC after July 20. Thanks for your support--I know she LOVES getting mail.