26 May 2014

Week 50: People ALWAYS call while I'm emailing!

May 26, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

Well currently I am on the phone with someone from Apeldoorn who clearly doesn't understand email family time because I asked if I could call him back in 30 minutes and he said no I just want to give you a little background on this lady I met in Den Haag last week. So I was like, alright, sweet, he's going to give us a referral. He proceeded to talk to me for 10 minutes and not give me the lady's number. Finally done.
Well, we still have four people in our apartment. It's fun but crazy. It just makes me so thankful for Zr A. She's such a good example of having fun AND being spiritual. She's really gifted and we have so much fun together. 
So, our investigators. Noel. I don't know how much I've told you, but he is from Suriname and he has studies with a lot of religious groups. He really needs to see that there's a difference between studying the gospel and coming closer to Christ. He said he would like to be baptized, and that he knows it's true, but for some reason he wants to go to America and be baptized by someone who has held the Priesthood for more than 30 years. We explained that that's not how it works. Basically, we called him the other day and asked a bunch of probing questions (I love being with Dutch people--they're so bold. And at this point, I understand that my purpose is to actually help people progress, so I'm not afraid to be bold either) and we basically found out that he doesn't understand the Holy Ghost, so that's what we will be teaching next. The beautiful thing about the Holy Ghost is that it teaches and testifies of pure truth.

Ethlyn. She's doing so well! We went over for our appointment, and she started writing down everyone that she wants to participate in her baptismal service. AMAZING. She's getting baptized on her birthday, or in her words, her REBIRTHDAY. Love it. She's telling her friends and family about it too. She's awesome. She also cooked for us and I have included a picture of the fish head that we ate. Just kidding, I didn't eat it. 
Fish heads, anyone??
Manuela! So last week while I was emailing, a member called and gave us a referral. 17 year old girl with a baby. We were SO nervous to teach her, but it went really well! She's SO cool and she talked about a feeling that she had that she couldn't describe while she was praying. We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and how we prayed that she would be able to feel it in this lesson and I really think she did. She has turrets, and while we were reciting the first vision, she didn't twitch ONE BIT. Amazing. Also, our Dutch for some reason was really not that good that day, but through our imperfections, the Holy Ghost still spoke to her in a language that she understood perfectly. Pray for her. She didn't even believe in God. When we asked if she was religious, she said, "not yet." We were so happy. She's great.
We have zone conference this week!!! With Eindhoven. I'm excited. Zr WB will be there. It's in the new chapel in Zoetermeer, which is the same city as the temple. Woo.

Today I am wearing a necklace that Federica gave me on my last day in Maastricht. I was so so so sad to leave.
Before I sign off, and before the weather gets any nicer, I'd like to give a word of caution. If your license to thrill is expired, go get it renewed and be not offended if you don't get cleared this year.
Zr Heilner

19 May 2014

Week 49: Never think "All is well in Zion"

May 19, 2014
Geliefde Familie: 
This week has been good. SO tiring. I'll tell you why.
Monday: Well I suck at sports, but I was actually learning pretty well to play volleyball. Some Elders were being really patient with me and Zr GW but then when everyone started actually playing, I left to go email since I'm such a liability to a team haha. Then we played sardines at young adult FHE after we had a lesson that night. 
Tuesday: We just went around everywhere so that Zr GW could say goodbye to people. We got a referral last week and contacted it and she was SO positive! Twas wonderful. She wants to quit smoking, and her relatives are members in Gouda, so she asked them and found out that in order to be baptized she has to quit smoking so she told us she wants to be baptized. More on that later...
Wednesday: crazily got Zr GW to Leiden so that she could start her day of traveling to Belgium. Then we went back to Den Haag and had the best day ever. Everything was perfect. Everything was easy. We got great potential investigators and laughed at how funny we are all day long. 
Thursday: The morning was flawless. We got up, worked out, showered. It was a little quiet, but nothing a little church song can't fix. We didn't even have to split the smoothie into three. It was great. 7:45: call from a random number. Weird. picked up, it was the Rotterdam zone leaders. They called to inform me that two sisters were going to be staying with us. What? Here? This can't be. All is finally well in Zion. well...alright. I asked when they'd be coming. Tonight. Awesome. Why? because their apartment is rat and mold infested. Oh, wow. So. They are here. It's Zr K (woo) and Zr Brophy. They were both in my MTC group. I'm so glad they're not weirdoes. BUT oh my gosh. Getting them here was crazy. They got to our house at like 11 pm and the zone leaders that drove their stuff to us got there at 10:30. I mean, our apartment is big, but not huge, and we still only have one bathroom! Plus, the sisters from Gent slept over because Friday was Mission Leader Council.

Friday: Zr A and I decided we'd be nice and shower the night before so that the others could shower the next morning. Went well. Got to MLC on time. We learned about raising our expectations. I think it was really important for my mission and for life. We can do whatever we set our minds to. Seriously. We have HEAVENLY FATHER, the God of all the universe on our side. He loves us and wants to help us. Think about that for a sec. The most powerful being ever wants us to be happy. He's our biggest fan. If there's something we want to accomplish, and it's something He'd also want, we can! He'll provide a way. 
While I was gone, Zr K and Zr A set a baptismal date with Ethlyn!!! Ethlyn has been taught by so many missionaries. She's AWESOME. She knows a lot about the Gospel by now. She's a cook, and sometimes she cooks for us. It's wonderful. 
Basically, we've been biking a lot this week and going to bed late because we shower at night and still getting up at 6:30 and not being able to work out, so it's kind of frustrating. We also got in contact with Glen! He had dropped off the radar for a while...one of his alleged "friends" rufied him...so he won't be getting baptized next week. Things are a little stressful for him, but alles komt goed! We brought our Ward Mission Leader on Joint Teach, and he was able to give him a blessing of comfort. Also at MLC, we talked a ton about the Priesthood and our role as women. I'm so grateful for worthy men in my life and their Priesthood. Dad, thank you for being such a great example of a worthy priesthood holder. 

Zr Heilner

Zuster H!!

12 May 2014

Week 48: Well All I Can Say is that I am NOT trunky

May 12, 2014

Den Haag is beautiful!

Geliefde Familie: 

I don't want to come home. I mean eventually, sure, but I just have my groove and I am loving this and I know that if I stopped right now I wouldn't be happy.

TRANSFER INFO: We got a call from our DL (who is SO cool) and he told us that his district is staying the same except that he is going to Hoorn. So we were like...WUT?! Because we basically planned on one of us leaving. But anyway, later we called the ZLs but they were still Skyping and didn't know anything. Then finally we found out that Zr GW is going to Antwerpen with yet another one of her old companions. And Zr A and I are staying! I'm SO excited. Our DL is going to be someone who was in my MTC group, so that's cool.

Well, we just Skyped, so I don't know what kind of updates I can give you. I LOVED Skyping, it was so fun. You people are so weird. I can't believe we're one of those old families now.

I was studying the Plan of Salvation this week. We like talking about it in companionship study. The Spirit World is so cool. Really, all of it is. It was amazing to realize that we are literally some of the last people to have come to earth. I mean, hopefully. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that death isn't scary. At any given point, I'm ready to meet my Maker. That kind of hope is the most precious thing, and we give it to people for free if they'll be humble enough to listen.

HUMILITY. Man, it's important. I don't even know how to stress that enough. Our investigator Noel could really, really use a humility bomb. We took Mufasa with us on joint teach (our WML who talks like Mufasa and has the same Spiritual effect as Mufasa) and Noel said he wants to be baptized by someone in America who has held the priesthood for over 30 years. JKSHGS:LKJGH

Well, I love you people. Pray for Noel, Glen, and Ethlyn please.


Zr Heilner


11 May 2014

Mother's Day Skype

May 11, 2014

Best Mother's Day EVER!  Nothing is better than Skyping with the whole family!  Katie in Den Haag, Netherlands, Spencer at BYU and the family in Texas!

05 May 2014

Visit to Anne Frank's House

May 5, 2014

Katie visited Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam today. Here is a video she sent from there!


May 5, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 
Keukenhof with Zr A

Well, this week was crazy. And so much fun. We went to the temple on Tuesday! And then to Keukenhof-- the thing Mom was referring to as the Dutch Arboretum. It was beautiful. We had so much fun taking pictures and stuff. I'll send some later. The temple was so cool. I was really thankful for the opportunity to go. We get to listen to it in Dutch. I'm really glad I went so much in English before my mission so that I can understand the words in Dutch. I've decided that I will never, ever, ever be six months away from the temple ever again. Well, except this next six months. I just love it there. I have a really clear mind in the temple. Some people talk about how they have a different feeling there, but I don't really recognize that as much as I recognize a clearness of my thoughts. It's a time where I can easily differentiate between what I think and what the Holy Ghost is telling me. It was cool to get to go to the garden after the temple and appreciate some of Christ's creations. I never ever ever want to leave the Netherlands.

Keukenhof after Temple Conference

Spence, what'd you do for your birthday??

Did you guys get the video I sent today?! We went to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam! So cool. And we could send a short video to anybody. I sent it to mom so that she could show everyone and then Alyssa because she's the only other email addresses I know from the top of my head...

OKAY cool story: So we went to Glen's for an appointment, and when we walked in, his uncle was there. Not really his uncle, but they are really old friends from Suriname, so they just call each other uncle. Anyway, he said he was Hindu, but Glen started testifying about how the Gospel has changed his life (this man is so cool. His story: His wife left him for his best friend. She's really weird with custody stuff with the kids, but he gets to see them a few times in the week. He felt like he had nothing to live for, so he was planning on killing himself. He had literally bought the drugs necessary to do so, and was planning on doing it after a good night’s sleep. Then the missionaries found him. He let them in and they taught about the BoM. Basically, he's turned his life around and he's SO excited for his baptism on the 24th.). So anyway, Roy (the uncle) turned out to be Christian. I mean...he says he was Hindu but he believes in Christ and he comes to church with Glen. We usually have Glen at our lessons with him (and sometimes another member, but that's like 6 people in one appointment and that's a lot) and he is the best joint teach ever. He helps him in his prayers (like when he was saying the closing prayer yesterday, we asked him to ask if the book of Mormon is true, and he didn't so when he was about to close Glen jumped in and was like, "no, man, you gotta ask if the book is true! And if Joseph Smith is a prophet!" And then he helped him close in the name of Jesus Christ. It was awesome. I'm so happy--we have 3 baptisms in the ward in the next three weeks. Our ward mission leader (who is the most Christ like man I know, by the way) was like, okay guys, that's awesome, but can you like coordinate dates with each other so more people show up and we aren't filling the font so often?" Needless to say, we could be having a lot bigger problems here in den Haag.

So I was studying Charity and Love this week. I got this awesome picture book from Deanna for my birthday (Deanna, it's seriously my favorite thing I have I think) and it has a bunch of quotes in it. One of them is this: Don't shine so that others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him." And I've been thinking about that recently. How do I do that? I was reading Pres Monson's last conference talk and in Jesus the Christ on page 556 where it's talking about the Last Supper. Christ gave them the greatest commandment: to love one another. "They were to love one another as Christ loved them; and their brotherly affection was to be a distinguishing mark of their apostleship, by which the world would recognize them as men set apart." Well, that's the solution! That is how we show who we are and why we are here. I feel like every lesson I've taken out of Zone Conferences and Trainings and things like that is this: "Zr Heilner, you need to learn to love." I talked in my last zone training about the difference between doing things out of duty and doing things because we love those we serve. I think it's all about our attitude. If we aren't perfect at it, well, we never will be, but we can ask for help. I know that Christ is willing to help us improve. In fact, he wants nothing more than that--our progression. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn so much. I have thought a lot about who I want to be by the end of my mission. I want self-discipline. I want to be able to retain the good habits I've developed here. I have learned so much, and I just want to keep doing my best. And do better at doing my best...

Well, I love you people. I can't wait to Skype you. 3 pm my time. I will be using my Skype account. ALSO I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE FOULGERS! And peanut butter bars...wow. Miss that. Hope you people are doing well. Annie, people think your art is amazing. I show everybody here. You're a magician.


Veel liefs,
Zr Heilner

Temple Conference

Keukenhof. It started with our 
companionship color coordinating and ended with a green district.
So much unity <3

Keukenhof with Zr K



Keukenhof with sisters:)