24 February 2014

Week 37: New Transfer

Feb. 24, 2014

Geliefde Familie,

Welcome to a new transfer with new humbling experiences. I love Zr WB and she is a lot of fun.

Can you guys give me Emily Titus's email address? Mom, you were a wonderful YW president. Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing when He made you mine, but Emily Titus was too. I've been thinking a lot about her recently. She's a great example of being meek, which is something I've been studying recently. She is humble, but also fun and funny. She was able to discern a lot of my needs and I am so grateful for the love that she showed me even when I was a pill for her. 

Well, Diana is sick this week, so we haven't seen her since Tuesday. Federica is so strong and she's seen the help that God will give her!! I have grown to love her so much. She's truly amazing, and so fun to be with. I hope to be friends with her forever. That's one of the exciting things about missions--these friendships will last forever.

NORNS, happy one year of membership! You have influenced me so much. Me and Alyssa talk about what a good example you are to us often. We love you. I can't wait for more "real fun" times again;)

Annie, way to be rocking all of Texas with your art. You're cool. This is probably why we chose to be sisters in the pre-existence. Like the two coolest spirits obviously need to be put into the same family. 

Mark, good luck with track! I hope you don't have the same experience as me (getting pneumonia and Sever's heel on the same day). And I also love you so much. 

Spencer, keep working hard to be able to pay for my retirement. Also, I can't wait to be able to hang out with you. 

You guys are alright. I'm so thankful for the gospel. I'm thankful that we have it so freely available to us. It is amazing, and we have such a responsibility to share it with others, even if it's in little ways. I challenge you all to make a mormon.org profile. And then post the link to Facebook or twitter. That's missionary work!


Have a great week,

Zr Heilner

We ate herring and it was vies! and glibberig (disgusting and slimy)

17 February 2014

Week 36: We Run for Trains

February 17, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 


I feel like this week has been so so so much running, climbing all the stairs, buying all the tickets, getting to the platform and watching the train pull out right in front of my eyes. That happened right before Zone Conference in particular. Zone Conference was in Belgium, and I had NO idea how to get there. Luckily, Elder C (who got separated from his companion in the mess of everything) led us and two other Elders through the country to the Antwerpen chapel. Thank goodness. We were a little late, but at least we made it! We had slept over in Breda the night before, and the only one that slept more than 4 hours was Zr  GW. I was exhausted that day. And was still recovering afterward.

Let's see, other unplanned forms of exercise this week: Diana's dog got outside. This dog has SO MUCH energy. It was raining of course. So we went running in the cold to go catch him. He only got to the doggy park, so we were able to lock him in there and go get his leash. We had a member with us and he was training him on the way back to his house haha. 

Grammy, thank you so much for the package! I can't wait to make the cake on my birthday. It's even on a Friday (the day when we stay in the apartment for three extra hours to do weekly planning) so I'll get to have it then!! LOVE YOU!

Mom, I want you to know that for the past four months, I’ve flossed my teeth every single day. Yes. Also, could you look up a book called "my first book of temples" by Deanna Deaper Buck and read it and tell me if it has good things to tell recent converts?

Zr Adams!!! I hope you see this before you enter the MTC, but you do not need to bring temple clothes. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO GET HERE!

We got transfer calls last night. One of my favorite Elders is coming to be the ZL in Eindhoven. Stoked. Elder E is his name. He's hilarious. And he knows Ty Skousen, one of my other favorite people ever. Zr GW is going to Den Haag. I'm excited for her. I'm getting Zr WB! She is so cool. She's been out as long as me and lived in Gottingen, Mom!! She's crazy and hilarious and 21 I think. 

Maastricht is so beautiful (Elders from my district)

I love you guys so much. We were talking to our adorable neighbor this week and she was asking us what we do. She told us about a light she saw in us, and when we started testifying about the reality of the Atonement and eternal families, I think she really felt the Spirit. 

Diana is doing really well. She came to church on Sunday and said it was "a good change." The ward really welcomed her. It was amazing to see. Federica, our Italian investigator, also came for the second time and loved it. She is really, really sad Zr GW is leaving. 


Zr Heilner
In Heerlen. My new coat and boots

When my companion makes us Brazilian chocolate at the end of a loooong day!

10 February 2014

Week 35: We walk in the rain a lot!

Feb. 10, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

My companion has a few phrases that she always says. She sings, to the tune of Rascal Flats "Me and My Gang" "we live to find, we find to live....me and my collega!" whenever we are out finding, and she always says "wow, it's [rainy or windy]! You'd think we're in the Netherlands or something! And she always says, when I'm above her on an escalator, "I've always looked up to you, just now more than ever." 

HANNAH! Happy almost birthday!~I'm excited for you, but that also means that my birthday is only 3 weeks and one day away. Idk about you, but I'm scared of being 20. 

Family, did you get the letter I sent yet? Hope so. 

I talked to Sister Hansen! She is so great! She is SO willing to do missionary work. She's a dear. 

Mom, you should send me excerpts of your missionary journal. THAT is what I would like for my birthday. That would be so cool. 

So I'm thinking they might make Maastricht a tripanionship. I don't actually know for sure, but since Andrea is going to America soon, there is literally almost nobody that can come on joint teach with us and we always need a third woman.
Dragons we found in Maastricht.
We love Andrea! 

And DEANNA! Actually spelled Diana but pronounced Deanna. She's doing SO WELL! I love it. I love going over there. She really wants to learn. We also have Ivan, who committed to being baptized. He is being deported soon though...I'm really sad about that. I hope we can get him baptized before he goes back to Africa so that he can build the kingdom there. But I don't want to rush him, of course. He has a very good relationship with Heavenly Father, and he's praying about what he needs to do. 


Zr Heilner

p.s. Thanks for the prayers and love and support. 


Cutting my companions hair.  I'm a woman of many talents!

03 February 2014


February 3, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

Heerlen Castle

This week has been pretty good. I started off by getting boots. They are pretty cute and I thought they were 60 Euro but they ended up being only 45! Woo! I love after Christmas sales that are STILL going on. 

Note to future self: there are a lot of things in life that don't need to be worn on your sleeve. 

Mom, do you know Allison and James Knob? They live in Dallas and used to live in Slovakia and they know Andrea! Andrea is the wonderful woman that comes on joint teaches with us all the time, and basically our best friend. We love Andrea. She's from Slovakia and she speaks like 6 languages which is really handy and she used to be a missionary here. 

So this week we did a "blitz" in Den Bosch, which means that a lot of missionaries did a lot of work in one city. But we invited the members to do it with us. Since we had Dutch people there, we couldn't call it a “blitz" because of the negative connotation linked to it from the war. Kinda funny. All week we were like, "so when does the blitz--I mean service project--start again?" Weird that it's still such a big thing. I mean, it makes sense, but wow.

So fast Sunday happened. I was really fasting for us to be able to find the pure in heart. The people that want to change. We are teaching a lot of people that are wonderful but are not quite ready to make a change in their life. I haven't seen a baptism in a while, and it's hard when it doesn't look like you're fulfilling your purpose to bring others unto Christ. So I was fasting really hard. And then at church, the Wheatleys (the guy who called dad) invited us to come to dinner either that night or Tuesday. Even though we didn't have any set appointments for that night, I had a feeling to tell her Tuesday night. So we went around all day yesterday looking up inactive people in Heerlen with the Elders. We were four missionaries on two bikes. I was the one biking and there are SO MANY HILLS in Heerlen. I don't think the Elders underestimate my strength anymore though. Why does everyone do that?! I AM STRONG PEOPLE. Anyway. Had some cool lessons with the Elders. Then we went home to Maastricht. We had to contact a referral that we got from headquarters (that didn't call us back), so we went to this one area, and on the way there, I thought, "hey, we should go knock these doors when we are done." so we started knocking and one lady let us in. It was incredible. Her name is Deanna (shout out) and she is SO PREPARED. I wish I had more time to tell you about it, but basically, she is REALLY looking to change her life. I asked her what she knew about the Mormons and she said "they're really happy and can have more than one wife" so we quickly dispelled the polygamy beliefs and asked her if she was happy, to which she promptly said no. I asked her if she believed in coincidences and she told me that she knew we were put in her path for a reason. We asked her to be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood and she said "if I'm going to do it, I better do it right." I was so in shock that I asked her to repeat it, so she said it in English too haha. IM SO HAPPY. She NEEDS this. The gospel is her answer. More on it next week--we have a lesson on Friday with her.

I love you. I know this gospel is real and it can help us. 

Have a good week.


Zr Heilner

PS I sent a letter today

Heerlen Castle


January 27, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

Yes, zone training went well. I was worried until Institute on Wednesday night. I was sitting there while the teacher was talking about Isaiah and I realized that my talk was wayyyy too serious. Once I established that, I was able to change it to make it more interesting and I think it went really well.

If you send me another package in the future, could you send me some cute quotes from Pinterest that are quotes from Apostles or just cute little quotes? Like Nelson Mandela too would be good. He has good quotes. Make Annie find them or something.

Friends, this was said in sacrament meeting and I loved it: practice makes perfect so be careful what you practice. It means that what we do makes our habits. So if you don't like something you're doing--stop it. Start doing something else instead. 

Dad, you're old. Just kidding, but happy birthday! You too, Emma! YOU are old! I can't believe you're 15! You are such a beauty. Love you two so much.

I also had the opportunity unexpectedly to teach the youth on Sunday. I loved it. I find that I'm most in my element when I'm motivating youth. They're so ready to make a change in the world. I learned a lot this week about what I want to do after my mission, but I'm not thinking about it yet. It's just cool to know what gifts Heavenly Father has given me and how I've been able to cultivate them while living in the family that I have. 

DANIEL. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING TO THAT MISSION. SO EXCITING. German is daaaaaa best. Well, besides Dutch, obviously. Sorry we can't all be in my mission. 

I love you guys so much. I know that Christ is our Savior and that He is the only way we can return to live with Heavenly Father with our families. I am so blessed to have the experiences that I've had. I know that if we repent, even though sometimes we don't want to change, we will have so much more peace in our lives and we'll be able to progress. That's what it's all about--progression. 


Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for the support. It's already almost February, did you notice that? WHAT, NO.

Everybody's favorite Zuster

p.s. Norns, when I got a letter from you addressed to "everybody's favorite zuster" I almost died. love ya, kid. seriously, you're my hero. 

Week 32: Crazy, busy week!!

January 20, 2014

Zuster Heilner didn't write a letter this week.  She was travelling and busy preparing for Zone Conference, but she did send a picture!

Our Italian investigator made us pizza!!

02 February 2014

Week 31: When I told the ZLs I don´t know what I´m doing, they said, "Join the club" lol.

January 13, 2014
 Geliefde Familie:
Alright, first bit of big news: I read and understood Harry Potter in Dutch last Monday. Call me apostate for not reading the missionary library, but that was SO COOL. You guys probably don´t even realize how much I have to limit my thoughts of Harry Potter. I didn´t realize it was such a distraction in my life. But it´s all about love, so I figure it´s not the worst thing to be obsessed with.

So my bike chain fell off again this week. I wanted to punch someone. Wait, I´m a missionary... I wanted to...I can´t really think of a nice way to put my feelings into words. I´m going to really have to work on that. I wanted to punch someone in the face. Hard. This is my second bike! And it has a cover over the chain that you have to remove to put the chain back on, so I called one of our investigators to see if he had tools to fix it and he did and it was so nice of him. I was borrowing his bike while he was fixing mine, and it´s the most hilarious thing I´ve ever seen. Zr GW has a picture of it. It´s really short and has wheels like half as big as mine, so...it was fun.

Norns, I got your letter. You are my hero.

Dad, we were talking about our relationship with our Heavenly Father and how it should be like our relationship with our earthly dad, whether that means you have to strengthen your relationship with your earthly dad or your HF. All I could think was that I love you--with or without a beard.

You guys have no idea what a blessing it is to have quiet sacrament meetings. We had an investigator at church again yesterday (!!!!!), who committed to trying to Word of Wisdom (!!!!), and Sunday was her first day. She told us how she´d have a HORRIBLE headache without her coffee, so we bought apples and brought ibuprofen and it was so good! But I was just thinking about how much I´d never want to come back to a church that was loud while I had a headache. She is also having trouble recognizing that she has a relationship with God, guess what. EVERY talk was about The Spirit, prayer, or our relationship with our Father in Heaven. INSPIRATION. SO COOL. She´s coming to institute again this week. She is awesome. PRAY FOR HER.

I GET TO SEE SISTER H THIS WEEK. I´m so happy. We have mission leader training meeting or something on Friday. SO EXCITED.

I left my camera at a member’s house. I´m so sad because I´m in Eindhoven right now at the church so I could send pictures more easily, but whatever.

Saint Catherina Church, Eindhoven 


I really love you people. So much. Thanks for being such good examples to me and not smelling THAT bad. I miss you guys, but there´s nowhere else I´d rather be. Sometimes I want to punch people in the face, sometimes I want to shake people for not coming to church. But it´s all going to be okay because I get to live with you beauties for eternity. First I´m sure we´ll have some sort of family feud to work out at some point. Love you guys.


Zr Heilner