15 December 2013

Week 26: Winter Wonderland! See you in a year!!

December 9, 2013
Maastricht WinterWonderland
Geliefde Familie:
AHHHHH I don't have a lot of time because our ward mission leader wanted to take us to some caves today, which was really cool, and I have sweet pictures, but now P-Day is over soon so I gotta hurry.

Last Monday, I went to the centrum of Maastricht where they had a winter wonderland (Christmas Market) and a Ferris wheel which was basically as high as climbing the clock tower without having to go on the stairs, so score. 

What's your Skype information? I have an appointment with Familie Kitchen on Christmas and they need it so we can Skype you people!! :):):)

Can I have my good camera back? I really miss it. This one is not fantastic. 

So we hardly ever bike here compared to what we did in Groningen. But we do have hills. I'm really thankful for the extensive biking I had because now I have strong enough thighs to do anything, but my companion got mad at me for going too fast one time...Mom, thank you for having a great sense of direction. Let's just say my companion didn't learn Maastricht, so I've had to, but I have learned it pretty fast so it's going well. 

I was reading about Samuel the Lamanite fortelling Christ's birth and I remembered Dad in a loin cloth over his clothes at the Crespo's that one year. Lol.

So we have to go on a lot of trains because we are far away from EVERYTHING. AND the trains are sometimes not reliable. It took us like five hours to get back to Maastricht from Breda...haha. We are getting pretty good at train contacting. 

I GET TO SEE SISTER HUDSON THIS WEEK. I'm sleeping in A'dam on Wednesday because we have mission conference with a member of the 70 and we do NOT want to be late, especially because you never know when the trains are going to have problems. 

Can you send me some of those toe warmers? You know those? They're flatter than hand warmers. My toes get really cold and it makes missionary work a lot less optimistic. 

Sorry this email was kind of lame...there's so much more I want to write.... But it's good...

GUESS WHAT, my release date is 9 Dec 2014, so...see you in A YEAR OH MY GOSH


Zr Heilner

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