18 June 2013

1st Night from the MTC

Note from Mom:  We finally received a hand written letter from Katie in the mail. I have transcribed it below.  It was written her first night in the MTC.  She sounds GREAT!  We are so grateful she has this opportunity to serve a mission.

June 12, 2013


Today has been pretty great.  Kinda.  It was rough until I got my companion, but now I have her (Zuster K) and she is great.  I already feel a great love for her.  There are only 5 people in my room (sweet!) because there is a triple-companionship.  It’s basically like dorm life but I don’t have my own desk.  I got the bottom bunk by the door.  There is someone above me, but she’s pretty cool, so whatever.  Zuster K is letting me put my other suitcase on the open bed (the bunk above her) so that’s nice.

Dutch is hard.  Dutch is scary.  Heavenly Father could have easily sent me German speaking and I have to remember not to get irritated about that.  I think they were trying to freak us out a little today.  Plus they had us (well, me and Elder K) go do online assessments for like 45 minutes.  We had arrived first and when we got back to the classroom, everyone had already introduced themselves, said where they are from and the number of siblings in Dutch to everyone!  Grr. So I don’t really know how to say that, but nobody else reeeally does either.  It’ll come.  I know I’m supposed to speak Dutch.

The first person I recognized as I was driving into the MTC was Kaden, of course.  Then Mitchell Merrill.  The two guys that always write me!  It made me soooo happy to see them.  I saw a lot of other people too.  Remembering to use last names is going to take a while. 

It’s really comforting to have a companion.

Aunt Kathy took a lot of pictures.  A lot. 

Mark, you don’t really have to worry about me eating too much.  It is CANC food. (Oh, CANC=Cannon Center)

I have to go to the vaccination center tomorrow.  (Imagine an un-amused face.)  I’ll probably have to get another dang tetanus.  Am I allowed to say “dang”?

I’m getting up at 6 to go to yoga!  My companion also did Bikram Yoga!  She did a deal like the Living Social and only went like 5 times, too!  Ha.  She’s cool and from Lindon.  There are a LOT of people from Lindon, Utah in my district.

I forgot stationary.  That was dumb.  I’ll try and get some paper and envelopes tomorrow.

In Lana Del Ray’s wise words:  “this is what make us girls, we all look to heaven and we put our love first.”  I like this because even a pot head like Lana gets that females have a special role to play in bringing others to Christ.  You know, we look to heaven.

I’m in for a crazy day tomorrow, so I’m going to spend the last lit hours of the night reading scriptures.

LOVE YOU PEOPLE!  I’m working hard. 

Zuster Heilner

P.S. My P-day is Tuesday.

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