26 June 2013

Week Two: My Work Here Is Done

Katie in the broadcast choir (she is in the 3rd row from top in the center)!
Dear Family,

So how bout that broadcast?  The broadcast was amazing. I saw the Lochheads, which was cooler for me than it was for them.  They didn’t recognize me from far away. They thought I was one of their Ukrainian missionaries from across the Marriott Center, but I was jumping up and down and so so so excited to see them. KLynn just reminds me a lot of Mom, so it was fun. My collega actually got to see and hug her family! They live in PG and got tickets. But I just got back from running to the bookstore and guess who was there. Bob Lochhead. And I had just told Zuster Kohlert, "I really hope I get to see the Lochheads today." They send their best.

Obviously my work is not even close to done, which makes me very happy. But we have been working recently on contacting and finding, and it is SO HARD. Dad, I was drawing a lot on random things you had taught me throughout the years of how you'd get peoples' attention in fussgangerzones (pedestrian zones). I would ask, "Why do you think we have been sent to Earth?" and stuff like that. PMG has been helpful (duh, that's what it's meant for) but it is still awkward and hard and scary even when you're just doing it to other missionaries. So if you have any other words of wisdom, that'd be great.

Needless to say, I'm stoked that they're stressing member missionary work. The more referrals we get, the more successful we can be. The whole time, I could not wait to give Annie ideas. Annie. I know you don't really use Facebook, but I challenge you to post a Mormon message on Facebook once a week. And tweet a quote from an apostle that is really uplifting, like, every few days. Why not?? It brightens everyone’s day.

ALYSSA: Idk why my mail hasn't been getting to you...but just in case you don't get anything by Friday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE YOU. And since you basically called me geriatric in the months following my birthday: I know of some really good wrinkle cream. Let me know if you need it. Oh and I learned that "soul mate" in Dutch is bozemvriend. Hehehe. Also, you could give me Spinny's address and I can mail letters there if that works better.

Mark. Dude. You're the coolest. I'm sorry you got soaked at scout camp, but I'm glad you had fun. Isn't that the same place that Spencer basically cut is finger to the bone? Hey, if you make it out of there without doing that, I'd say you're doing pretty well.

Can I just take a moment to thank Grandpa for being my grandpa? I feel so blessed to have a love of learning languages like him. There are some who aren’t quite as excited to learn the language as I am. We learn the coolest things. Our teachers are amazing. Turns out, Robert, my investigator (who by the way committed to baptism, woo) is actually Broeder Robinson, my teacher. He is fantastic. He's weird and hilarious and spiritual and just so smart. It helps that I understand most of what he says. Plus he is half Dutch, so he can act like the type of person we are going to see in the Netherlands. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO THERE!!! This gospel is perfect and it can make every single person happy. I can't wait to see who I will be led to.

Unfortunately, the people at the bookstore (store in Dutch is winkle, FYI, just thought it might brighten someone's day) wouldn't let me even purchase a Russian PMG. And they wouldn't let my companion get a Dutch hymn book. They were kind of rude about it too, but whatever, nothing really gets me down here. Life is so good. Soooooo Mom, if you're at Deseret book and you see a Russian pmg and a Dutch hymn book, it would be much appreciated. We sing here. A lot.

I want to send more pictures, so I must be off. I love you all so much. So much. I'm so thankful for a supportive and loving family and friends. Also, sorry this week was kind of boring.


Zuster Heilner

Saying goodbye to Elder Calderwood, he is on his way to Moscow this week!
With Elder Merrill
With Sister Wyeth, my counselor from Freshman year

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