15 July 2013

Week Four: Repetitive Days, Sleepless Nights

Geliefde Gezin:

 A fellow Dutchie said it pretty well just a second ago:

"So what do I tell my family? Gewangenis is the same?"

Direct translation: the MTC (prison) is the same.

The MTC is awesome, but I'm very, very ready to leave. I mean, I should probably learn more Dutch and how to better teach people, but... I've never been a fan of being told exactly how to spend my life, and guess what. I have every single second of my life planned here! And so for some reason (perhaps the fact that my mind has to run 100 mph all day) I can NEVER wind down at night. It probably doesn't help that the A/C in my room is broken, but to anybody about to enter the MTC, if you have something that helps you sleep  (like pillow spray or a specific blanket or whatever), BRING IT. Tossing and turning and knowing you have to be awake and alert at 6:30 is not very fun.

On a happier note, I am learning a ton! Dutch is coming along quite well. I love the language. My favorite word is "knuffeltje" which means hug. Remember when Spencer told us he was the designated hugger?

Oscar, since I do know for a fact that you are reading this: The Swedes have left the MTC. Watch out for them. They're great. Go up to them and ask them why missionaries don't read the newspaper, maybe they'll have a better answer for you. And ask them if they know me because they're AWESOME. Also, you are right. The MTC is actually the CIA language training center facility. We are watching you. JK!

We had a pretty cool Fourth! We watched 17 Miralces (thought of you, (Darth) Vader) and we had our own 18th miracle: we got to eat ice cream and watch Stadium of Fire fireworks and stay up past our bedtime! Talk about a party.

Annie, I loved your letter. Except...the whole time I was reading about the boys at EFY I was like, "don't you have a boyfriend?" But of course you can't keep the men away. I would never expect that of you. I kind of miss your daily selfies, too. Every day at 1 pm, something is just missing in my life. Probably a picture of you. Also, are you taking German next year? That better be a yes. Say hi to Herr F for me. He is awesome and I love him.

In other news, the Mockingjay theme has been spreading across the MTC campus lately. Someone whistles it and then it's whistled back and it basically never ends. It's kinda fun. Maybe Katniss will show up soon.
IK HOU VON JULLIE! Ik ben so dankbaar voor dit evangelie. Ik weet dat God onze Hemelse Vader is en dat Hij houdt van ons. Door de verzoening, kunnen wij gelluckig zijn. And I also know that God doesn't judge us for not being able to spell in a foreign language. I know that when we pray, God hears us and wants to answer us. He will answer us if we are patient and seek answers.

Thank you for all the love and support!

Zuster Heilner

We got really excited that it was raining on Sunday.  We all put our rain gear
 on for the temple walk and then it stopped raining when we walked outside. :(

Surinamers doing “the Heilner” we were all taking pictures and someone goes "do the Heilner" 
and this resulted. Heilners around the world, I hope you're proud.

Fourth of July! We probably all watched the same fireworks show!

We miss the Swedes! 

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