29 July 2013

Week 7: Yes, yes, I am here!

AHHH it's wonderful to be here! I don't have a ton of time to write though...so sorry.

My companion is Sister H. This is her third transfer and I'm the second greenie she's had. Obviously President trusts her. She's great. I'm learning so much.

I LOVE EUROPE! This is my place, and it is wonderful. It's hard here, definitely. It's especially hard that I don't know a lot of people or a lot of people's names, but it is okay.

I wish I could send pictures of Groningen, but we are at the church and my house is a 45 minute bike ride away. Yes. It is. We live sort of in the country, but as Sister H put it, "we live in an echt fairy tale." Use Google translate. (Mom’s note: "echt" means real or genuine—same as in German)  It's so cute. But it's so far from EVERYTHING! We have a nice house (actually the house of the people in Bishop Moon's ward! I ate dinner at their parents’ house on Thursday and I'm going back this Thursday!).  Yesterday, however, we made it to church in 30 minutes!!  Needless to say we were DRIPPING in sweat. Unamused face.  But it was all fine.

My mission is going to be very hard. I know it. The first day I was here, we got dropped by an investigator. The second day I was here, I got kicked out of someone's house. The third day I was here, we visited an inactive member (who was married in the temple and active for 40 years) that has basically gone apostate. Those were all firsts for my companion who has been here 12 weeks. I know this is going to be hard. I'm glad it is. Sometimes we get home really late. Probably because my companion thinks I can bike faster than I can. I hate getting home late, but we have work to do. 

BUT WE HAVE SEEN MIRACLES! After we got kicked out of that house (abusive husband, basically), we met a little Vietnamese lady that needed help and invited us in. 

Our investigators are progressing I think. Michael and Pia are an older couple that has been taught everything. They are having a bit of an issue with accepting the fact that tithing is 10%. Michael doesn't think that God would ask for a specific amount from us. Please pray that he will get an answer and that he will pray sincerely. 

I have to go...not enough time!!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL! I know the gospel is true and that it blesses families. I know that we can do all things through Christ. I can even bike to church in 30 minutes. Ugh.

Stay strong. I challenge you all to make yourselves available to the missionaries this week. It can be hard to find joint-teaches. Be available. Love you so much.

Zuster Heilner

New address:

Sister Katie Heilner
Patrijspoort 131
9733 GS Groningen

Katie's first assignment is to serve in Groningen with Sister H

Tuesday, June 23, 2013

Katie arrived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!  She was part of a large group of missionaries who are now part of history.  Here is a quote from the Belgium Netherlands blog that Sister Robinson, the wife of her Mission President publishes:

An historic number of missionaries arrived at Schiphol on Tuesday morning, July 23, 2013.  We had the Church Area Public Relations crew on hand to document this historic event.  The church members of these two countries are so happy to welcome these missionaries with open hearts. There were 29 missionaries that arrived.  Missionaries always stand out in a crowd, but it was exciting to see 29 missionaries, our AP's and President and I walk through the airport, the train station, and down the street in Leiden to the hotel.  People stopped to watch us pass.  Truly, the Army of Heleman has arrived!

Katie with all the missionaries that arrived at Schiphol on July 23, 2013

Truly an historic event!

We are so grateful Katie has this opportunity to serve and to be part of the amazing work.  

Thanks for your support!
Rosemary (Katie's Mom)

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