18 August 2013

Week 9: " Well this is definitely a transfer of firsts and it is not even my first transfer." Zuster H

August 12, 2013

Geliefde Familie:

This week was definitely interesting. One of the coolest things about being with Sister H (the Sister Training Leader) is that I get to travel a TON. So this week I went to Leeuwarden in Frieslan! It is beautiful. I had so much fun with the sisters there. Anyway here are some things I learned there:
Cheese:me::religion:some people. Explanation: I don't eat cheese. As my life has progressed, I think I would be open to trying cheese. But I know that once I try cheese, if I decide it's right for me and I love it, I will have to do something about it. Cheese is fattening and expensive, so it's not something I want in my life. So yeah, we see that people are happy without religion and don't want to put the work in but they're WRONG. God loves us and it's so great to know it.
You don't have to wake up sticky!
You don't have to bike errrrywhere.
But we stopped at the church in Leeuwarden to go to the bathroom and their toilet paper is...not as user friendly as the toilet paper in Groningen, so Groningen has that going for it.


So yeah my time in Leeuwarden was wonderful, but then I woke up. Not sticky. Took a shower. 
Ate chocolate granola with flavored yogurt (we never have that in our house). Got ready. Sat down for personal study in just such a bright and wonderful room. I was so happy! Then my stomach started hurting reaaaaally bad. So I went to sit on the couch to read my scriptures. Then I realized everything in my stomach was about to come out. So I spent the next three hours puking. It was awesome. My companion had to meet us back there and since we were having phone issues, it just made that day even more awesome. We were two greenies alone in the city until they came back for us haha. We were about to get on a bus, and literally as the bus was rounding the corner, I had to barf again. Yes, I have officially left my mark on the side of a road in Leeuwarden. My greenie companion was like, okay so for some reason, we cannot get on this bus. So we stayed. I wonder what would have happened!

So I had to take 24 hours to recover. The Elders came over and gave me a blessing, which I am so thankful for. Weirdly enough, all of our appointments that we had to cancel ended up being okay.

Mark, I was reading in 1 Nephi this week. You are the youngest. You are Nephi. If anything ever happens to us, you keep us in line okay? I'm counting on you to tell me when I'm murmuring. Also, ten points for sending me Maddie hair in that letter. I'm still laughing about that. Someone send me a picture of that thing! 

Spencer, I have had so many encounters with Portuguese this week! Our PMG DVDs are in English, but all the writing is in Portuguese for some reason. We went to go to a look up. She speaks Portuguese! An investigator that the Elders haven't seen in a while randomly showed up at church yesterday. Portuguese speaker! They’re taking over the world. Also, do you remember when I was like 13 you made me promise to never Google the Church--just to go to lds,org because there is so much anti stuff? Thank you for doing that. I've kept that promise. I wish everyone would just go to lds.org. We had an investigator come across some weird stuff and it was really hard to back it up with truth because he was really hard-hearted. He had read stuff from an ex-communicated bishop. Ugh.

Hand written letters are better than bacon. I got home from that horrible ordeal and had like five. James, Meg, Alyssa, Family....you made my stomach feel sooooo much better. Annie, you are pretty cool I guess. I loved your letter. You're so weird. 

MEGAN HILL HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! You are old and going on a mission in like three weeks dude. Can't wait for you!!!! Miss you shnuckams. 

I love you guys so much. I am so thankful for you. You all have special talents (haha buddy the elf) that are SO important to helping others come unto Christ. Never forget that. Let's be one of those awesome families that is just super active in the Church and is always doing good things, okay? Okay.

I get doners and you don't,

Zuster Heilner

De Waag, Leeuwarden

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