01 September 2013

Week 10: 17 Trains Later

August 19, 2013
Geliefde familie:

Yeah, I went on 17 trains in four days this week. As many of you know, though, I love trains so it was a ton of fun. Plus I got to go to cool places and be with cool people. I went to Belgium! It was kind of sad because I didn't get a ceremonious high-5 simultaneously from Annie and Mark crossing the border, but it happens. And I got to see all of the people I was in the MTC with. And eat a Belgian waffle with Cookie butter. It was beautiful. I've missed sister K a lot, so I RAN to her when I saw her in the train station in Brussels. She's doing great.

Grand Place, Brussels

I think my stomach here has expanded. I can ALWAYS eat. It MAAAAY have to do with how much we bike, but I'm ALWAYS hungry. But it's okay because members make us beautiful Indonesian food quite often. It's SO good. You guys, go buy ketchup manis (idk how to really spell that) from an Asian market and make peanut butter sauce and put it on noodles or rice with vegetables. It is so wonderful. 

YOU GUYS. I got to spend a day in Haarlem, which is the city that Best Two Years was filmed in. I also got to serve with Sister Frandsen from my MTC district who is hilarious, so it was great fun. I have cool pictures, and we did some really fun contacting.

Haarlem, Netherlands

Today has been SO busy. We have two members getting married tomorrow (SO EXCITING) and so we helped them prepare food and decorations for that today. One of our investigators told us that his daughter has some weird stuff going on in her house. Her son saw huge white legs in his room the other night, and they went to their neighbor for help, who gave them voodoo solutions, which is obviously making it worse. SO he asked us to go over there and pray. So this morning we went, sang a hymn, shared an uplifting thought, and prayed for a blessing over their house. The Elders are coming back with us another time to give her son a blessing and bless the house. Then we had to go to the police station because last transfer, the phone was stolen. Someone had spent 400 euros calling Africa. So we made an appointment with the police for Wednesday. Exciting stuff. Then we went bowling with our district! It was so fun. Plus, we happened to hear real music, so that was kinda cool. And now we are at the church a little late because we did missionary work. 

I love you people so much. Thank you all for the love and support. Alex, I haven't heard from you in a while. I love you and your car is so exciting. Keep being wonderful. DAWWWW. 

Daniel, give Alyssa your address child! She asked me for it but I don't have it with me right now err. Also, be good. ;)

Also, Annie, can you text Sherrin and tell her Happy Birthday?! I missed it, it was at the beginning of August, but tell her I love her! 

Spence, I woke up with this horrible feeling. I was like...happy, but also SO sad. And I realized that I had had a dream that you were in the hospital and we all knew you were dying soon, but we were all talking about how we were okay with it and we were happy because we knew we would see you again. And I know that's true. If anyone was to die, it would be okay because I get to live with you forever. But at the same time, I really like hanging out with you people on earth, and I'm a little jealous of all the nertz, but I'm doing other cool stuff. I've heard of people having dreams like this on their missions. Please let me know ASAP if anyone is dying. 

IK HOU VAN JULLIE! Miss you guys.

Zuster Heilner

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