20 October 2013

Week 17: I LOVE Conference

October 7, 2013


Geliefde Familie:   

Hello, hello. The first thing President Monson talked about on Saturday Morning was member missionary work, so I'm going to go ahead and parallel that. If you could be doing more for the missionaries (giving them referrals, going on joint teaches, etc.) DO IT. And do it today. 

I loved conference. Correction: I love conference. I always get a lot of answers to questions. So remember how Elder Ballard said he just got back from Europe? Well, he was talking to my Mission President. A lot of the things he said in his talk, my mission president taught me last week at zone conference (fun fact, on the way to zone conference, I was walking in a pedestrian zone and a biker totally hit me and I fell and got bloody knees but it was funny and I'm not dead). Basically, make the decision now. Seek and ye shall find opportunities to share the gospel. Everybody, invite one person before Christmas!

Since the time difference exists, we haven't gotten to watch Sunday afternoon yet, but hopefully we will. We all gather at the church to watch it. We had a six-sister sleepover here in Groningen, which was horribly uncomfortable since we only have the two beds and a huge house, but it was a lot of fun. 

OSCAR! Hi, will you email me?! I don't know your email address and it's making me so sad! Or write me. Miss you!!!!

What are some of those minute-to-win it games?? I need things like that to use in FHEs...I'm so bad at coming up with stuff to use as object lessons.

People, I don't have a ton of time. I'm sorry. Keep your covenants. Magnify your callings. SACRIFICE for the gospel, and you will be converted. Refiner’s fire. When the bitter cup won't pass, just drink it and get stronger. 

I love you people so much. Annie, please change my fb setting. 

Oh wait, I have to tell you something hilarious. We had this guy come to conference but only stay for the free food (which is weird because he drives an Audi). He wants to talk to President Monson, someone he feels like would be a "fellow" and he wants to convert him. So we turned his talk on on the computer so he could watch it, but he wouldn't even listen to five seconds of it, telling us he was a blasphemous man and that he could tell he wasn't in the "kingdom of heaven." When we went to have out appointment with him earlier that week, he asked me if my parents were in the kingdom of heaven. Idk what this man wants, but we can't just tell him to ask God about things forever, so I think we're dropping him. 

IK HOU VAN JULLIE! Have an awesome week. Can't believe it's already October......

Love, love, love,

Zuster Heilner

Best members ever...getting married!

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