06 October 2013

Week 16: Time differences are kind of a bummer

September 30, 2013

This place is simply beautiful

Geliefde Familie,

Nobody is onliiiiine, but oh well. I'm finally sending pictures this week, so that's exciting. 

DEANNA MY LOVE HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY YOU OLDIE! Wish I could be there to throw it down for your 21st...Mormon Style;) Haha, jk, see you when you're 22 and we will just have a huge party because I love you so much. 

Well, friends, were you ever wondering what it is like to get sick twice in 6 weeks with the same sickness? I wasn't, but it still happened to me. Food poisoning on Sunday morning bright and early. But we could NOT just sit at home that day...more on that later.

Spencer, I met a guy from Brazil! He kinda talks like you, you know how you were like nasally? Are you still like that? I have his phone number and fully intend to teach him.

Annie, can you go on my Facebook and make it so people can add me as a friend? Apparently I got paranoid at some point (for good reason, there are creeps out there and you need to be careful. Especially you because you are such a babe and everybody wants you) and made it so only I could add them, so can you fix it so that people can request me as a friend? Thanks.

MIRACLE! Chris. He is wonderful. I had my first lesson with him on my second day in Groningen. I told you a little bit about him last time. Basically, he's really active in his church, and they help him a lot financially. He's a refugee from Africa. He knows he has to be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood, but he didn't want to have to commit to being active in our church because that would mean disappointing a lot of people at his other church. He called us Saturday Night telling us that he had had a dream. In the dream, he saw a book called "the Book of Abraham" and when he woke up, he was really confused because he'd never heard of that. He read in Genesis again (he knows a LOT about the Bible) but wasn't satisfied with what he found. So he HEARD A VOICE saying, "type it into Google" so he did and he found a link to lds.org. So he called us and we told him that we had just bought him a pearl of Great Price and that we would bring it to church for him. From there, he knew this was true and he is getting baptized on Oct 12. !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So then I woke up Sunday morning puking.

We had to skip the first hour of church (RS, but Chris wasn't going to be there until the second hour anyway), but after that, I just pushed through and we biked kinda slowly and made it. We were NOT going to miss Chris. He had a great conversation with our District Leader, and it's all good. Last night, we went over there and he brought up temples as we were leaving. We told him that we will talk more about it next time, but guess what. If all goes as planned, I would get to go through the temple with him in a year, and that would make me SOOOOO happy. 

Anyway, I'm gonna send pictures now.


Zuster Heilner

Dessert at a member's house

Reunited in Belgium with waffles!!! Missed her like crazy

Deventer with mah MTC ladies...I mean sisters

District bowling

My fairy tale lifestyle (where we go running in the mornings except not anymore because it's too dark....bummer, NOT)

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