12 May 2014

Week 48: Well All I Can Say is that I am NOT trunky

May 12, 2014

Den Haag is beautiful!

Geliefde Familie: 

I don't want to come home. I mean eventually, sure, but I just have my groove and I am loving this and I know that if I stopped right now I wouldn't be happy.

TRANSFER INFO: We got a call from our DL (who is SO cool) and he told us that his district is staying the same except that he is going to Hoorn. So we were like...WUT?! Because we basically planned on one of us leaving. But anyway, later we called the ZLs but they were still Skyping and didn't know anything. Then finally we found out that Zr GW is going to Antwerpen with yet another one of her old companions. And Zr A and I are staying! I'm SO excited. Our DL is going to be someone who was in my MTC group, so that's cool.

Well, we just Skyped, so I don't know what kind of updates I can give you. I LOVED Skyping, it was so fun. You people are so weird. I can't believe we're one of those old families now.

I was studying the Plan of Salvation this week. We like talking about it in companionship study. The Spirit World is so cool. Really, all of it is. It was amazing to realize that we are literally some of the last people to have come to earth. I mean, hopefully. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that death isn't scary. At any given point, I'm ready to meet my Maker. That kind of hope is the most precious thing, and we give it to people for free if they'll be humble enough to listen.

HUMILITY. Man, it's important. I don't even know how to stress that enough. Our investigator Noel could really, really use a humility bomb. We took Mufasa with us on joint teach (our WML who talks like Mufasa and has the same Spiritual effect as Mufasa) and Noel said he wants to be baptized by someone in America who has held the priesthood for over 30 years. JKSHGS:LKJGH

Well, I love you people. Pray for Noel, Glen, and Ethlyn please.


Zr Heilner


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