19 May 2014

Week 49: Never think "All is well in Zion"

May 19, 2014
Geliefde Familie: 
This week has been good. SO tiring. I'll tell you why.
Monday: Well I suck at sports, but I was actually learning pretty well to play volleyball. Some Elders were being really patient with me and Zr GW but then when everyone started actually playing, I left to go email since I'm such a liability to a team haha. Then we played sardines at young adult FHE after we had a lesson that night. 
Tuesday: We just went around everywhere so that Zr GW could say goodbye to people. We got a referral last week and contacted it and she was SO positive! Twas wonderful. She wants to quit smoking, and her relatives are members in Gouda, so she asked them and found out that in order to be baptized she has to quit smoking so she told us she wants to be baptized. More on that later...
Wednesday: crazily got Zr GW to Leiden so that she could start her day of traveling to Belgium. Then we went back to Den Haag and had the best day ever. Everything was perfect. Everything was easy. We got great potential investigators and laughed at how funny we are all day long. 
Thursday: The morning was flawless. We got up, worked out, showered. It was a little quiet, but nothing a little church song can't fix. We didn't even have to split the smoothie into three. It was great. 7:45: call from a random number. Weird. picked up, it was the Rotterdam zone leaders. They called to inform me that two sisters were going to be staying with us. What? Here? This can't be. All is finally well in Zion. well...alright. I asked when they'd be coming. Tonight. Awesome. Why? because their apartment is rat and mold infested. Oh, wow. So. They are here. It's Zr K (woo) and Zr Brophy. They were both in my MTC group. I'm so glad they're not weirdoes. BUT oh my gosh. Getting them here was crazy. They got to our house at like 11 pm and the zone leaders that drove their stuff to us got there at 10:30. I mean, our apartment is big, but not huge, and we still only have one bathroom! Plus, the sisters from Gent slept over because Friday was Mission Leader Council.

Friday: Zr A and I decided we'd be nice and shower the night before so that the others could shower the next morning. Went well. Got to MLC on time. We learned about raising our expectations. I think it was really important for my mission and for life. We can do whatever we set our minds to. Seriously. We have HEAVENLY FATHER, the God of all the universe on our side. He loves us and wants to help us. Think about that for a sec. The most powerful being ever wants us to be happy. He's our biggest fan. If there's something we want to accomplish, and it's something He'd also want, we can! He'll provide a way. 
While I was gone, Zr K and Zr A set a baptismal date with Ethlyn!!! Ethlyn has been taught by so many missionaries. She's AWESOME. She knows a lot about the Gospel by now. She's a cook, and sometimes she cooks for us. It's wonderful. 
Basically, we've been biking a lot this week and going to bed late because we shower at night and still getting up at 6:30 and not being able to work out, so it's kind of frustrating. We also got in contact with Glen! He had dropped off the radar for a while...one of his alleged "friends" rufied him...so he won't be getting baptized next week. Things are a little stressful for him, but alles komt goed! We brought our Ward Mission Leader on Joint Teach, and he was able to give him a blessing of comfort. Also at MLC, we talked a ton about the Priesthood and our role as women. I'm so grateful for worthy men in my life and their Priesthood. Dad, thank you for being such a great example of a worthy priesthood holder. 

Zr Heilner

Zuster H!!

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