14 April 2014

Week 44: We shall call this week... "Abu"

April 14, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

Den Haag
Abu is the title because there was this little man that came up to us as we were knocking some doors. He didn't really speak much Dutch or English (which we've been running into a lot here…), so we just gave him a card. We were expecting him to walk away or something...but he didn't. He stayed like 15 feet behind us as we were going to each door. We would turn around and give him a look like, "do you need something?" and he kept being sort of trying to ask if we were going to go to his house around the corner, but he couldn't even understand us and I don't know what he thought we were there for. So after a while, we named this little old man Abu. He crossed the street so he could watch us from afar, and he would pretend to not look at us. Every time we would look back, he would look away really fast haha. It was weird

MOM Oh my gosh, do you know Vernon Aston?? That's my companion's dad. They grew up on Grandview Hill! Her aunts and uncles are Lee, Kevin, and Sharon. Hilarious, right? Her grandma is Lela Aston.

So my testimony of Joseph Smith has sky rocketed these past few weeks. I know he was a prophet and I am so thankful for all he did and gave up so that we can enjoy the blessings of the restored gospel. I will probably never be asked to die for my beliefs, but how can I be LIVING to show Heavenly Father that I am committed to him? I've been pondering that question. I need to be doing my best to do what Christ would do if He were here.

I MET ANDY'S MISSION PRESIDENT! He's serving with his lovely wife in Frankfurt and they took a weekend to visit Den Haag (don't call it The Hague, you sound so American) and they were talking about how they've been home for a year from their mission in Norway. I asked if they knew an Elder Phillips and she said "ANDY?! He was our assistant! For 6 months! He's wonderful!" They only had nice things to say about him (and Megan haha). I got a picture with her on Zr GW's camera.

LUCY, hey, email me, I have a huge favor to ask you.

IK HOU VAN JULLIE! Have a great week!

Zr Heilner

So Nederland. Just taking pictures from the train!

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