07 April 2014

Week 43: Den Haag is just a beach party with my best friends!

April 7, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

The Hague Beach

Just kidding, we work really hard, but when we walk out of the apartment, I can smell the ocean. This ward is HUGE. President told me it was like an Orem ward. I didn't get to see the whole ward yet because it was general conference, and there weren't that many members that actually came to the church to watch, but we have 11 missionaries, so that's saying something. Not just 11 missionaries. 11 AWESOME PEOPLE. I love it. The area is HUGE and I don't really know it yet (I would probably be able to get to the station...I can get to the church and the centrum and one of our investigators all from our apartment), but I will get there. Zr GW always has the map...she's only been here 6 weeks and she had two companions that knew where everything was, and now it’s just her, me, and Zr A and we don't know ANYTHING. Haha...adventure.

Zr A is so cool. It took me about 30 seconds to love her. She's hilarious and so much fun. She's from PG and is studying graphic design at SUU. She is a transfer older than me and seven days younger than me in real life. She's a huge blessing. Zr GW is so funny. I'm excited to see what I'll learn from her this transfer. A lot, I am sure. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you about zone training last week. I think it went well. A lot of people told me they liked it. We worked really hard on it, so I hope it was what they needed. Zr WB came up to me crying afterward and told me that she knew I was inspired. That was pretty cool, especially from her. The lunch was kinda interesting, but I was grateful nonetheless.

So did I tell you how my WML gave me a bike? It has hand breaks and it's a mountain bike, but I'm getting used to it. Of course, you have to fall a few times before you can learn. So...let's just say I know that angels watch out for us haha. It wasn't anything serious, but I was going really fast and all of a sudden, Zr GW stopped, so I slammed the breaks too, but I only had one hand on the handlebars for a sec, so I flew right into them and ZR A said I totally twisted my ankle, but it's completely fine. It didn't even hurt. She thought I broke it. 

My hair is really curly here because it's so humid. We actually went really close to the beach with some members the other day. They came to visit us from Maastricht and took us to lunch there. That was fun.

Well, general conference was awesome. They talked a lot about courage, or at least, I heard a lot about courage. And covenants. These things are important people. 


Zr Heilner

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