16 June 2014

Week 53: A Great Week!!

June 16, 2014
Geliefde Familie:
This week was GREAT. Sister Aston and I killed it, I think. Thanks to the Spirit, of course. We got four new investigators and taught 15 lessons. That's a lot for us!
So we had a great surprise this week with Zone Conference. Zr L (my old companion) and I were on splits here in Den Haag after mission leader council. We went to the church for Jovos (YSA) institute and guess who was there! The ROMIGS! I love them. Sister Romig is the sweetest person ever. She's kind of like my grandma out here. I love her so much. And Elder Romig is always willing to serve. He's one of the only men on my mission who has hugged me. 
M came to church this week!! It was great except that church was INSANE this week. We talked about the Priesthood in RS and one lady actually stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her because it was so controversial...then in gospel principles we talked about tithing. I mean she's gotta learn about it sometime, but I just felt like it was a lot to take in in one day haha. It was also a little bit frustrating because she had brought a friend that had basically no knowledge of what we really believe. We were able to clarify a little bit about the Priesthood though.

E had prayed to see the love in the church on Sunday morning. And then that happened...not exactly a testimony builder, but she's strong. She knows it's true; she'll be okay. But she really hates how she can't feel the love in the church sometimes. Naturally.

We had a lesson with an exorcist yesterday. We aren't sure how this will pan out, but we're gonna be really careful. He loved the Plan of Salvation.

G contacted us again but we gave him to the Elders just to be safe. Long story, I'll tell ya in 6 months.

Nederland is ROCKING the world cup. 5-1 anybody? It's insane here. I love the decorations. Nederland is so spirited. Hup hup Holland!

We had zone conference this week with Elder Boom of the 70 and his wife. My favorite part was that we had a sister breakout session where we talked about perfectionism and how selfish it is. When we're trying to be perfect, we're competitive and comparing ourselves to others and we don't have time to focus on serving others. It's destructive. Then we talked about companionship unity and I talked specifically about pride within companionships and how it keeps us from working together.
I love you all and I'm so grateful for everything you are doing. Please pray for E and M. And that Zuster A and I can stay together for another transfer. We have 3 people with a baptismal date for next transfer!!! We want to be there so badly.

Zr Heilner
also, can you guys send me more pictures?? like through email.

I love Sister Romig
Sister Training Leaders with Sister Robinson

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