30 June 2014

Week 55: "Father, the Holy Ghost is just like Dynamite"

June 30, 2014
Delft is exquisite. I want to study here.

Geliefde Familie: 

First, before I forget, let me just say that it sounds like Spencer is rocking summa time. Also I heard that you fb messaged one of my investigators. Thanks for that! She'll send pictures, so make sure Mom gets them for da blog;)

Well, we figured out that since our companionship is bulletproof, Satan's gonna start attacking us in different ways. We got dropped a lot this week and had a bunch of appointments fall through. Not to mention two of our favorite missionaries left us. But, we are surviving and trying new things (like bacon tacos...hahaha...we forgot to buy beef on Monday, but we had bacon! They're not bad, but we'll probably have a heart attack if we do it often).

We actually had a miracle this week though when we had about an hour to contact. We decided to go to the park to draw out the plan of salvation in chalk (why not?) but on the way, we realized that we were in an area that we recognized--then we remembered. It was where a potential lived that Zr GW showed us in our first week. So we went there and she was home and we were able to have a lesson with her! She didn't seem particularly ready for the gospel, but we'll give it a try. My favorite part of the appointment was when she was saying the closing prayer. She didn't speak a word of English except to say, "Father, the Holy Ghost is just like Dynamite." Amazingly, Sis A and I didn't even laugh until we got into the elevator.

So with a recent convert, Estrella, we showed her the familysearch.org website! It was so cool! I love that website. She loved it too. It's just cool to look at our different profiles. I looked at mine, and there's a lot of work (almost all) done. But hers...she has a completely blank slate. We are going to be BUSAYYYY in the Millennium. I'm excited for that. Zr A and I have AWESOME companionship studies. This week we talked for a long time about sealing. And how everything will be worked out in the Millennium. It's cool. I learn so much from her every day. I'm SO blessed to get to be her companion. I at least hope to offer comic relief to her.

Ethlyn is getting baptized this week. We are stoked. Satan is definitely attacking her, but she is a strong lady. I'm so excited for it. Sunday at 2. Photos to come!

Well, I love you. I hope you have an awesome week and enjoy the sun. I was actually thinking about how thunder makes me trunky! Weird right? It never happens here, but when it does, it makes me miss Texas storms so bad.

Zr Heilner

African head dresses with Barrie.

Love this woman.


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