23 June 2014

Week 54: Delft and Gunshots!

June 23, 2014

Geliefde Familie:

Delft Town Hall

I guess I can go ahead and start this email with:

WE ARE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYING! We are so happy. So so happy. We screamed and danced and almost cried last night when the APs called. What a beautiful day. I'm staying ZTL (sister training leader) too and Zr Larson is coming to Almere so I'll get to do exchanges with her again!

This week was good. I'll start with the funny stuff and end with the spiritual.

Canal in Delft

We went to Delft this week to visit an inactive member. She invited us. Delft is GORGEOUS. How do I know this? Because we got hopelessly lost. It was awesome. We had a few good contacts though. Anyway, we didn't have a map, so I had taken a picture on my camera of directions from a member that we had gotten at a dinner appointment. It was going alright until we got to Delft. We realized pretty early on that Zr A's bike tire needed air. So when we got lost and the member wasn't answering, we naturally called the Delft Elders to bail us out. We amazingly found the station, where we were able to pump her tires for free. Then we met up with the Elders and waited for them to grab the map. While we were waiting outside their apartment, we heard this GUNSHOT. And I saw smoke under Sister Aston. I'm cracking up as I type this. It turns out that her bike tire exploded because it was too full. It was so funny. Her face...she was holding her ear with this look of utter terror and bewilderment. I'll never forget it, and I'll probably re-watch it on the celestial movie screen like every day for eternity.

Okay, now onto serious matters.

E is amazing. We went through the baptismal interview questions with her and she said she wanted a stronger testimony of President Monson. So we watched this AMAZING video about his life:
You guys should definitely watch it if you get the chance. It is so good. It definitely strengthened my testimony that he is called of God. He is a great man, and I'm really thankful that Heavenly Father trusts him so much. I hope that I can listen to the Spirit as well as he does. He goes such clear promptings from the Holy Ghost and that is because of how committed he is to always heeding those promptings. The Spirit trusts him. I receive chances every day to listen to the Spirit--so do you. Let's all try to be better at listening to the promptings he gives us so that we can be better instruments in His hands. That's why we're here after all.

Well, I love you people. Thanks for sending me those pictures, Mom. You can always send more too. And yes, I take way more pictures than I send to you.


Veel, veel liefs,
Zr Heilner

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