14 July 2014

Week 57: "Let's Get Messi"

July 14, 2014 
Geliefde Familie:
Just a little Zr A love


This week was emotional. So many ups and downs with the world cup and the "after baptism blues" (A quote from our District Leader...I didn't know that was a thing). Zr A and I literally ended last night lying on the bathroom floor cry-singing to the hymns we have haha. We were fake crying, don't worry. We were just forced to do some things we didn't really want to do today for P-Day, so we were upset, but whatever. We are alive, Nederland got third place in the WK and we are slowly but surely getting investigators.

We got to watch the WK at Ethlyn's!! It was so fun. I brought that brownie mix that mom sent me and so we had brownies and trash talked in all the Spanish we knew. Ethlyn is from Curacao, so she helped us because she speaks Spanish. We said things like "you are small" and stuff. They were scared.

Watching the game at Ethlyn's!

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKKKKKKKKKK happy birthday. You're the best little brother in the world. Hope you enjoy the letter--I sent it to Grammy's. Sorry I can't wake you up this year by lying on top of you or anything. Love you. SpockSpockSpockSpockSpockSpockSpockSpockSpock

I'm glad you got those pictures from Ethlyn. I got the skirt at a 2nd hand booth in the market for 3.50. Oh also, Mom, to answer your question--the people from Maastricht that I was teaching. Iv got baptized!! He's so awesome. And D isn't allowed to get baptized right now. F is the cutest person ever still, and I hope she's doing well. She got a new job so she's staying in Maastricht longer than we thought. I love her so much. I need to write her.

So Ethlyn was confirmed yesterday, so I guess last week's freak-out about her being a member was actually not quite true. Anyway, she is now! And she said that she could definitely feel the difference. We asked what the Gift of the Holy Ghost was like and she said, "Well, He's definitely always there!" She's amazing. Now that she's baptized we have less investigators, but that's life. We're working hard. Ethlyn's seeing a lot of opposition too, with her family's health. Pray for her sister Celly. She got some bad news today. There were a lot of people at her baptism, and they all had a positive view of the church I think.

Mom, can you send me Lucy's email address?? Can you tell her to email me? I have a favor to ask.

I love you people. I hope you're having fun in Utah. Weird that I was there a year ago when you stalked me walking to the Marriott center haha. I want to bear my testimony on trials. I know Heavenly Father wants us to grow. When we have hard times, it isn't because he's ignored us. He wants us to be happy, so he gives us hard things so we can learn from them. It's like how we have to do awkward things in district meeting so that we won't find ourselves in awkward situations in real life. Anyway, Heavenly Father is preparing us for something much more important. It's like in the song "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul." It says "Chasten my soul till I shall be in perfect harmony with thee. Make me more worthy of thy love, and fit me for the life above." We need to remember that when we have hard times, we should be grateful then, too.


Everybody's Favorite Sister Missionary

People get pretty serious here with the brackets. Since Brazil got 4, NL got 3, Annie will go to Argentina on her mission and Mark will go to Germany.

Elders Denpai and Pugh

Watching the game!
Den Haag

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