07 July 2014

Week 56: IT HAPPENED!!

July 7, 2014

Geliefde Familie:

IT HAPPENED. ETHLYN  IS NOW A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. Oh mijn GOEDHEID that was the most stressful baptism ever, but it was really special to get to talk to her right after and see her huge smile. She's so great. Such a good member. I know that there were a lot of things (and missionaries) that helped her, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. We gave her beads for her dreads that have to do with how she describes us. I gave her one with a cool texture because when you rub it against your hand, it's uncomfortable. She always tells me I push her out of her comfort zone.

NORNS NORNS NORNS! Santiago East. I'm so excited for you. You're such a good example. You're going to be a very, very powerful missionary. I love you, kid.

We had a pretty cool district meeting this week. We were talking about how we can better learn Dutch. We were talking about how most of us have learned languages before, but never has it come so quickly as with Dutch. Then our DL brought up how we were foreordained to come on a mission here, meaning, in the preexistence, we already knew we'd be learning Dutch. So the MTC was probably not the first time we'd learned it. How cool is THAT?! The Spirit was really strong as we were talking about it. I'm not gonna lie, I sort of think a lot about how I just want to study German after this, and if I keep my Dutch, great, but if not, I won't be too sad as long as I speak German. But after we talked about that, it made me want to keep my Dutch even more.

I was also studying in Mormon 9 this week. One of my favorite chapters of the Book of Mormon. It talks about doubting nothing. I will never forget 28 April 2013--Mom and I were driving back to Texas from BYU and I was sitting in the car reading in Mosiah 10 and I came across the footnote "Trust Not in the Arm of Flesh" in the topical guide. I've let that guide my studies on multiple occasions since then, and it's been cool to see a lot of things build on that. Trusting in the Lord is SO important. If we don't have faith in His timing or His ways or His plan, we'll never progress. If we want Spiritual understanding (what I've been studying a lot recently), we have to doubt nothing that comes from Heavenly Father.

Well, Mom, I've gone my whole life resenting the fact that my name is Katherine, and not just Katie, thinking that your reason of "Well, now when you're older you can change it if you want," was lame, but I think I understand it now, and I'm probably going to start introducing myself as Katherine after this. Congratulations. No, Annie, I'm not going to go by "kit kat," but you can call me Kat.

I love being a missionary. It's hilarious; it's hard; it's stressful. I get told the WEIRDEST THINGS. I get cool gifts (Ethlyn's sister gave me her necklace, that was super nice). Actually Mom, before I forget, I would LOVE to read some of your journal entries from your mission. Or Dad. That would be so cool if you could scan them and send them to me if you want.


Zr Heilner

Ethlyn and Charlotte, another member

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