21 July 2014

Week 58: Moroni 7. Miracles have not ceased.

July 21, 2014
Ik ga graag naar de Tempel
Geliefde Familie:
Okay so first, Mom asked for details about the baptism and why it as stressful:
-We had an hour after Sacrament Meeting and we couldn't go in the chapel because the choir was practicing.
-We (mostly Zr A) made this slide show/video that was 12 minutes long but would only play 3 minutes of audio, so we had to do it separately. So when we finally COULD go in the chapel, nobody knew what we were talking about so it was just really hard and in the end it didn't work and one of the members just played the piano.
-We were baking cookies in the kitchen because we had no time the rest of the week, and we were fighting off mobs of all ages asking to try them before the baptism. NO, BACK OFF.
-It was hotter than the asphalt on Satan's driveway.

I still didn't do it justice. But anyway, we've been getting to actually teach Ethlyn again, which is nice. I love teaching her. The Spirit is always there in her house. For like the last two weeks before her baptism, we were just doing logistical things every time we went over mostly, but now we are actually teaching her the lessons again and I'm loving it. It's amazing how much you can still learn no matter how many times you've read or heard the restoration.

So here in den Haag, we hadn't seen a lot of miracles. It was kind of discouraging. But I went on an exchange to Zoetermeer this week, which is where the temple is. Our plans had fallen through for the evening, so I was like, "Zr Watkins, are there any look ups we can do close to the temple? And can we bike by, like...really slowly?" I just really wanted to see the temple. I miss it. So we found someone close and went by the temple. It was glorious. We stopped and took a picture even. It helped. Then we went to the look up. There was so much opposition getting into that house--there were loud people so she couldn't hear us as we were trying to ring her bell to come up. There was pee EVERYWHERE. Luckily Zr W had hand sanitizer because the walls of the elevator had pee dripping down them. Anway, we rang her bell. Nothing. Knocked. Nothing. Knocked louder and FINALLY she came to the door and invited us right in. It was amazing. She had been meeting with the missionaries a few years ago and when we asked why she stopped she was like, Ï don't really know..." so we made another appointment for them and she's a new nvestigator! Amazing. Miracles have not ceased as long as we have faith. I prayed that I would have the faith to see a miracle in Zoetermeer that day. Moroni 7:35-37. It's all about our faith.

So then in Den Haag, I prayed for the same thing. We were doing a lot of finding and we were just trying to keep it fun. I even flicked a spider on its web, that was terrifying. Anyway, we went all the way down this street and NOTHING. Then the last door, a lady opened up and told us to speak English. She and her family are from Iran. They invited us in. It was so cool. The Spirit was so strong and I know they felt it. We taught about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. After the prayer, we looked up and Zara (the mom) was crying. It was so cool. We brought them an English book of Mormon, but they are leaving for Iran for a month, but when they get back, we have an appointment. I'm so excited. These people are prepared. Miracles have not ceased, we just have to have the faith that we will see them.

Flicking the spider right before we found Zara and Ali

Updates on our weird tacos: we only had beef, pears, and white cheese in the fridge basically. So we made tacos with it and it was actually quite good. And probably a little healthier than bacon tacos.

Well, I love you people so much. I am learning a ton, and I hope you are too. Miss you guys!


Zr Heilner

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