04 August 2014

Week 60: Heavenly Father Is Aware Of Us!

August 4, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

Het strand :)

So yep, I'm getting transferred. I sent Mom the address so if anybody needs it (I LOVE LETTERS) email her at rheilner@gmail.com. Lelystad, here I come! It'll be interesting because me and my companion are new, but I hear Zr Adams (we'll call her Zr AA I guess because her first name is A) is a really hard worker, so I'm glad. I also got released as ZTL. I'll miss getting to go on exchanges and going to mission leader council, but I know Zr Spencer is going to be amazing. I'm still in den Haag zone, so I won't be super far I guess. Zr A is going to Turnhout in Belgium and Zr W is coming here with een groentje!

How I feel about not being Zr A’s comp

EVERYBODY is leaving. Some of my favorite missionaries are going home this transfer, and then if you can believe it, my trainer is going home next transfer! Well, she extended three weeks, but...I told myself I wasn't allowed to freak out until Zr H left, and here we almost are. She just got called to Maastricht. She's gonna love it. I'm so excited for her. That's such a great place.

We had a few really cool miracles this week. We have been working a TON with less active members, and one of them has been really struggling--she's even suicidal. I may have told you about her last week. But anyway, she wanted a blessing, and we went over there with the Elders to do that. So after the blessing, we decided we wanted to show her a Mormon message, and lo and behold, there's a new one! So we were like, well, it'll probably be good, so we played it. It's the story of a guy who was suicidal and how he found the Savior. It's beautiful, and it was EXACTLY what she needed. I'll share the link of it, because it's awesome and you should all share it on Facebook or something.

So we were fasting yesterday, and I realized how badly I miss Mom's pulled pork sandwiches...can I request to have that on the first Sunday when I get back? I know it's random, but I don't want to forget it.

Another great miracle: We were at a dinner appointment, and it was going awesome. They're this young couple that is just really fun. Anyway, we were leaving, and they asked if we had any appointments. We told them no, but we had some people to go look up....unless they knew anybody that needed a visit. Then they gave us this referral of two Brazilian ladies that are SO CUTE! We went over there and they invited us right in and we told them we had a book to share with them in Portuguese. We of course bonded over me knowing a city in Brazil--Campinas. Anyway, we called the Elders to see if they could meet us with a Portuguese BOM so that we could give it to them right then, and they did and we brought it back and taught them about the Book of Mormon and they said they'd read. It was so cool! We planned on stopping by again this week...we will have to tell the new sisters to do that. Oh man, soo much to do before Wednesday!

The subject line is that Heavenly Father is aware of us. I know He is. There is a sister that served here and went home about 4 months ago who is sort of a legend here. She's awesome. She has something called "vapor trails," or some sign that you see that lets you know that God loves you. I thought that was so cool, but I couldn't figure out what mine was until a few weeks ago. I actually prayed to know if there WAS something that He did when He just wanted me to know He's aware. And in the middle of the night, I was woken up by a thunderstorm, which is one of my favorite things ever. So I considered that an answer to my prayer.

Love this woman! 
Last night, I was kind of upset about transfers. I know it'll be fine, but I was just sad to be leaving. I COULD NOT fall asleep, which isn't usually an issue for me, but Wendi Self-taught me that when you can't sleep, it's because God wants to talk to you. So I was just prayin'. And then I heard rain! Yep, thunderstorms in the middle of the night. Love it. He's aware of us. AND THEN, I had a prompting to open my scriptures this morning as I was packing my desk, and I flipped to a section in the D&C that basically says, just go. It'll be okay and I don't want you to tarry here forever. He knows.

Well I love you. I challenge you all to look for a way that the Lord lets you know that He cares this week.


Zr Heilner

Someone hit me last week on my bike...HIS FAULT
Zr Kelly!

We had fun in primary this week.

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