18 August 2014

Week 62: Miracles

August 18, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

I'm just going to start out with the coolest miracle of the week (and we've had a lot...Heavenly Father is really blessing us here--it's wonderful. I think opening up a city is what He does when He really needs people to rely on Him and commit to seeing miracles.). Last Saturday night. We were looking up the potential investigators that were written in the area book, and in one area, we saw a guy outside and decided to talk to him. So we had a cool conversation and shared a scripture and left. Actually, we got to teach two little kids how to pray also, which is one of my favorite things (and probably one of the riskiest because of scary parents) about missionary work. But before we left, the guy told us to go visit his daughter, who lives in a foster home. So we went on Monday night. Miracle #1: It didn't even rain a little while we were biking. We luckily found the place (the dad drew a dot on our map because he didn't know the actual address), and miracle #2: Charlie was home. She's 17, and spoke to us in English because she's actually from England. She invited us in (even though her foster mom wasn't exactly stoked, but since we had permission from her real dad, and she wanted to talk to us, we got to go inside), and we taught an AMAZING restoration lesson. Probably the best of my mission. Zr AA and I had great unity, we used a bunch of Visuals so that she could understand, and we asked her how she felt. The biggest miracle: listening to her try to explain the Holy Ghost. It was so cool. She was like, "I don't know! Happy? Excited? Like you two are my best friends? Curious?" We were able to take that opportunity to bear our testimonies that we knew that it was the Holy Ghost and that He testifies of truth. She was blown away. We asked her to be baptized and she said that she wants to learn more, but she loves learning more so probably later. We had another lesson with her on Friday, and she had kept all of her commitments AND she had to work to get to the appointment (it wasn't at her home this time), so I think she's really serious. She loves the Plan of Salvation. It really hit her that we can become like God. We have more lessons with her this week, so there will be updates to come! We love Charlie!

The after math of a giant torrential downpour!
 So you got the picture of us drenched. Actually, we were dry in the pictures. I had puddles in my boots. Not lying. It was disgusting and I don't know if they'll ever dry, but we were really close to the ocean and it was almost like we had just jumped in. The poor member that had to give us towels and socks when we showed up to her house. There was nothing to be done except laugh.

Pictures sent from a very kind member
I am actually starting to enjoy Lelystad. It's still the ugliest place ever and I don't necessarily like the feeling here, but I am enjoying the work. I really do like finding, I'm just scared that we'll actually be able knock the whole city. However, on that note, we talked to our Branch President yesterday (he's so cool) and he wants us to be doing a lot more service than we are doing. So I'm looking forward to that.

The Zone Leaders came last Saturday to help us find more potentials, and at one door, the guy stopped us and told us that our testimonies will have diminished by the time we're 25. So I asked him for his email so that I can email him in a few years to tell him that I have an even stronger testimony of the restored gospel. He gave it to me and as we were walking away, he told me that I'm too spontaneous and that I need to be more "rustig" like Elder Bitters, whom I was with. It was kind of funny, especially because I don't think I was being especially spontaneous, but oh well. He wasn't being mean, he was honestly giving me advice haha. I just wanted to write on my blog that I have to email that guy because maybe someday when I’m reading this, I'll remember and do it.

I sent you a letter of more details of my life here.

I love you people. I hope you're taking time every day to not just read the Book of Mormon, but to LEARN from it. There is so much we can learn that goes deeper than just the story. Dad, I'll never forget your example of scripture study for me. Almost every time I would walk into your room, you were studying in your scriptures. Not just reading, but you also had a pen. I love looking at your scriptures too. You can tell that they're the most important thing you own. I hope someday my kids know that about me based on my scriptures.

Don't forget that being chastened is a good thing. Chastisement leads us to repent, which then leads us to deliverance. We can't be saved without it.


Zr Heilner

Also...thanks for the study abroad research, Mom. And for updating the blog. Love you love you love you

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