11 August 2014

Week 61: I am here. Lelystad.

August 11, 2014
Geliefde Familie: 

The district (Den Haag)
This city is ugly. This city is small. But we are seeing a ton of miracles. Zr AA is a really hard worker, and we are praying for miracles frequently, so they're coming. Our ZTL called and said that miracles always happen when you open a city. It's true! A small example: we didn't have a dinner appointment last night, and we also don't have a lot going on investigator-wise, so our whole day would be just finding. But before church we were like, ''Let's have the faith to get a dinner appointment tonight!'' so we changed our plans to allow for time for a dinner appointment. Well, we got one with the coolest family ever. One of the sons is going on a mission to Nebraska and all the other kids are inactive, but it was such a fun appointment. AND it was raining like nobody's business, so we were happy to not be going door-to-door. 
Megan's birthday is tomorrow so everybody should email her a happy birthday. 
This transfer is weird. I've decided to study temperance and self-control. It's been interesting. Since we don't have any investigators to study for most days, I can just study what I want for most of personal study. The gospel is all connected. I've been learning that temperance is not being passive. It's an action and it takes work. It also takes a lot of faith, which is how I know the gospel is so interconnected. Because faith is also the driving force for spiritual gifts and miracles and results. 
Can I just take a moment to bear my testimony of the Atonement? I know it's real. I know that when we truly want to change, Christ will help us. We all do things that aren't right. If we didn't we would be assumed into heaven already. We are here to learn and make mistakes and learn from them and SEEK forgiveness. But the Atonement is long suffering and it works for us all. I'm so grateful for that.
We have had some really weird things happen, such as people coming to help us with yard work and asking us on dates, getting lost hopelessly because of this WEIRD address system, but we've also seen so much success. We decided we were going to have a ''power hour'' before dinner one day, so we went out, taught a lesson, got an appointment, met people from St. Martin (my favorite island in the Caribbean based on how friendly the people are), and didn't get lost! This is going to work.

So...4 months from today I will get to see you glorious people. Weird, huh?
Have a great week,
Zr Heilner

Saying goodbye to Estrella
Dead man Ipson, one of my favorite ZLs
Cutest kids in the den Haag ward

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