06 October 2014


October 6, 2014

Geliefde Familie:

Well, I love General Conference. I was listening for things about revelation and unity. Mostly to help my relationships with others and any future mission companionships, but then it just started to get really clear that I better find someone to marry who WILL NOT leave the Church ever and who will keep me from letting any of my doubts keep ME from progressing.

As an aside, it's interesting to think about where I will be next conference!

So updates on the onderzoekers.

Ch: Making great progress. She is just so willing to learn. I love it. I want to be as open as C is. She's going to England for 14 days, so we are making her a care package which is actually just a bunch of scriptures she will have to read. We are sneaky.

U: She is golden and just fell into our laps. She has basically been taught everything before and she is just waiting for some logistical things to happen so that she can get baptized. Her son, Tim, is 7 and so cute and he also loves church. YES.

B: the lesson went really well, actually. We taught the third lesson and just really focused on Christ. We talked about why we need to make covenants with our Heavenly Father to receive more power. I loved the lesson.

We helped some members Saturday afternoon do some gardening and pick some apples.  The Elders helped too. The family had a trampoline that we used to help us pick the apples.  The trampoline time was simply lovely!  Make sure Annie knows I'm still flexible!

I'm learning how important love is. It truly is the very essence of the gospel. We need to do things out of love or else it means nothing. Why are we on missions? Why do we have families? The successes of others do not mean that we aren't good enough. I love that about the gospel--er is ruimte genoeg voor iedereen in het celestiale koninkrijk. There’s room for everyone in the celestial kingdom. (...on the nice list...shout out to Mark)

ALSO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEANNA!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU. Thanks for being the big sister I never had. I hope you had an amazing day. You are wonderful.

And Noah, but he doesn't read this.

The Church is so true. I love you all. I just want to be an eternal family so bad. But, I and my personal institute teacher (Elder Warner) were talking about what that actually means. We are all family with each other, so our family is literally never ending. I had never thought about it so plainly like that.


Zr Heilner

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