18 October 2014

Week 71: Temple Conference!!

October 18, 2014

Geliefde Familie:
Temple Conference, she gave her dying testimony.
This week was great--we got to go to the TEMPLE! I loved it. We watched one of the new videos and it was SO educational. The emotion was over-the-top, but it helped me understand so much more. Zr AA had already seen it, so she was laughing at how all of our faces lit up when a different video turned on. But it was just such a contrast to the other video. I loved it. I feel like I really learned a lot. I'm SO happy that I'll never have to go 6 months without going to the temple ever again, but at the same point, I really, really prepared myself for the temple these past few times. And then once there, I took a lot of time to focus on why I was there and what I was trying to know. And I really do think I received answers to some questions I've been having--especially about what Heavenly Father wants me to focus on for my last transfer and a week. (Yikes)

Lelystad is really on fire. We've worked our butts off and it's been hard, but we are definitely seeing the fruits of our labors. I'm so happy about it. We set another baptismal date this week. With V. We had the Elders at a lesson with us because we couldn't find a joint teach, and we were talking to him about the covenant of baptism. Mostly about how the Holy Ghost will help him. His life is crazy--he tells us that every time we meet. He doesn't feel peace, and he's looking for it. Well, that's what the gospel does! So finally he was like, "Okay, okay. Let's choose a date, and then I will take a week and not meet with you and I will just read in the Book of Mormon and pray and then I will tell you if God gave me an answer next week." So....I really hope he gets an answer in this week! He's going to be serious about it, so Heavenly Father will be serious back.

So we get our mini-missionary on Monday. We're pretty excited about it. Her papers are in Salt Lake, so within the next 6 weeks she'll know where she's going on her mission!

We visited an inactive member from Austria this week and as we were about to share the thought, I was like, "Wait, do you have a German Book of Mormon?" so I got to read in German! Ether 12:4. I sounded like a Dutch-speaker. This'll be rough. But anyway, it was so fun and I could totally understand it! I'm probably going to make you guys only speak to me in German and then I'll only respond in Dutch and then we'll all become tri-lingual. Well, dad, quadri-lingual.

You guys, I know the gospel is true. And I'm really grateful for that. I'm grateful for covenants we can make that keep us on the Path to eternal life. I know that making and keeping covenants are the way that we show our gratitude to Christ for his Atonement.


Zr Katherine Heilner

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