03 November 2014

Week 73: This keyboard is soooo different...

November 3, 2014
Geliefde Familie: 

And so is Belgium! I can't believe it. But it's been fun. My companion is Zr Mashburn and she is from Lindon and she is an ANGEL. We have seen a ton of miracles here. It's TINY. But it's okay because since we are new there’s a lot of work to do and it's not as scary as tiny Lelystad because there hasn't been a lot of missionary work done here yet.

So with the trains and everything, it took us until 8:30 pm to get to our new apartment. The sweetest members ever picked us up from the station. Luckily we both had bikes (thank you, Antwerpen missionaries for making sure my greenie would have one) so we have been able to just get right to work. Our ward mission leader is fantastic. And he lives here in Lokeren. It’s way harder to get around here in Belgium so that’s nice haha. That said, the members have been wonderful and they’ve given us rides to church and everything like that.

MIRACLES, PEOPLE. So many. First, we set a baptismal date at our first lesson here. Amazing. It happened on Saturday. His name is Evert and he was in the Elder’s area book. He said he had thought of the Elders last week and then the next day we showed up at his house. So that was cool. We made an appointment for the next day and brought a member who shared her testimony and it was just so good.

I don’t have a ton of time but I love you and am doing well and I will try to figure out how to send pictures next week. 


Zr Heilner

And also the soap smells like Russia so that’s weird; (don’t worry, the good Russia smell)

November 4, 2014

We received a very kind email from Katie's new Ward Mission Leader.  We appreciated getting a bit more information and some pictures from him.  We are so grateful to the generous and kind members in her mission who support the missionaries and the work they are doing.  

Hello brother and sister Heilner,

I am the ward missionary leader of Sint-Niklaas. Your daughter is here now for a week. It’s nice to work with her. She looks very enthusiastic to work in our ward. She has a collegua who is now for a couple of days in Europe, a brand new missionary sister. 

You daughter is giving a super example + missionary education to her. I love to see that. That’s the spirit. She is giving herself for a 100% the last 5 weeks of her mission : ) you can be really proud at her.

Last Sunday we had the privilege for being in the rededication/re-initiation of our ward for missionary work. Since a long time we now have sisters too. It’s very nice to work with 2 missionary teams. (Elders + sisters)
Our bishop had the inspiration for a re-initiation, it was a wonderful experience. 

The missionary work in our ward is going well.
Every Tuesday evening your daughter and her colleaga + the elders have dinner at my house + a missionary meeting

I wish you all the best and I look forward in doing the Lords work with your daughter
It is my wish to see her testimony grow even more, that’s the whole thing of going on a mission. I hope she will have a wonderful time in Sint Niklaas, I will do my best to make her feel welcome in our ward and to make the last 5 week of her mission the best time of her mission in total : )
Hopefully she gets wonderful experiences in doing missionary work the time she is here in Sint Niklaas/Lokeren

I put also a foto of me and my family in the mail + a foto we took at the place where our ward was rededicated


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