29 September 2013

Week 15: Geliefde Familie

September 23, 2013

Geliefde Familie:

I should start out by wishing Mom a happy birthday!  Love you so much and I am so thankful for your example for me. You are the strongest woman I know and I am so glad that you're MY mom. Most kids just aren't as lucky as me. 

Norns, you should write me when you're just sitting in the office with nothing to do. Jk, I know you have a lot to do. But I'm not JKing about writing me. OH MY GOSH the picture James sent me of you two together, though blurry, made me so happy. I can't believe it. So much blurry love.

Hill(ner) family--bless your beautiful souls. It was so fun getting your package. Like you guys a lot;) Thank you sooooo much. I forgot it's basically Halloween time until I got that candy! And of course, whenever I wear those socks, I'll think of Meg and me in the back of the car judging how good our day will be based on the socks we are wearing. Ha-ha

We just received news that we aren't supposed to be staying at dinner appointments for longer than an hour, which is kind of hard for Dutch people. It just kind of seems insincere to me, but make sure you're getting the missionaries fed, giving a spiritual thought, and then out of there. Make sure you are having them over though! And find out if it's there birthday if you can email their moms and get a good dessert recipe or something. It would like make my mission if someone did that for me. Speaking of, Dominique Hamson's parents are coming to Plano in October!!! You have to meet them. They're the best ever. She's German. We eat at their house every Tuesday, which I LOVE. I'm sending some stuff home with them, so I'll have them call you when they're in Plano. Any requests for stuff from here? 

Lest any of you thought my opinion changed on cats this week: Nope. I got attacked by a hairless cat on Tuesday. Yes, I DO have the puncture wounds to prove it. The only cats on this earth I like are the Hill’s cats. Idk what you guys do, but they're cute. This one was not, plus it was just plain ugly.

Today I went to a bunch of second hand stores, so it was really fun. Most stuff isn't open on Monday, which is dumb, but whatever. I got some much-needed boots. Annie and Mom, I got you something cool too. Whenever you wear it and people compliment you, you have to be like, "oh I got it from my sister/daughter in the Netherlands! She is a missionary! She talks about....." boom, missionary tool. 

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you guys got Grandma to go to the BYU/Utah football game!  I wish I could have been there! Also to see Andy! What a stud. I have the coolest family.  I’m dying--the pictures of Grandma at the game are so cute!

Grandma at her first football game to support grandson, Andy Phillips,
Ute's amazing kicker!

Miracle of the week: we were going to do a blitz in Assen and in a series of hitting a bunch of red lights and my companion running someone off the road, we missed our train. So we went a little later and ended up having a really cool conversation with a guy next to us! He knows his church doesn't have the full truth. Good thing we can bring it to him, toch?

I am so thankful for the Gospel. I am so blessed to be able to share this good news with the people here. Some (well...most) don't want to hear it, but there are some people that are PREPARED!

Ever thankful that I get to be the one freaking out at my siblings for burping in the car for eternity,
Zuster Heilner


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