14 January 2014

Week 30: de Geest

January 6, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 


This week has been really good for me. Spencer told me I should try praying better, and that's what I did. It made the biggest difference, and I didn't even know I wasn't praying well before. 

As an aside, Mom, you told me to pray in Dutch as much as possible because it would show Heavenly Father that I WANT the gift of tongues. I only pray in Dutch. Since the MTC, I've done my best to express myself in as much Dutch as possible in prayers. I've seen that it's made such a difference. Some people don't do that. For some people, that's not the answer, but I know for me, it makes a difference. 

Anyway, all week I've been praying really hard. Especially that our investigators would come to church. I was fasting for it and everything. Also, on Saturday night, our bus cards weren't working, so I was praying with the same amount of effort that we'd have a miracle there. So Sunday morning. The bus comes, and the checking in thing didn't work, so the driver just let us get on and ride for free to the station. WUT?! Miracle. Prayer answered. Got to the station and contacted someone. I always feel better when we get to see a little success before church. So yay. We were waiting for our investigator that said she'd meet us there and she never showed up. I was kinda bummed, but then I thought she might have gotten on from a different place so she'd just meet us at the other station. Wasn't at the other station either. Alright, maybe she's already at church. Nope. YET AGAIN we had no investigators at church. UGH. So I was sitting next to a familie and after Elder Hunt bore his testimony, they waved goodbye and LEFT. WHAT. Why was this happening?? I had been praying so much that we'd have a lot of people at sacrament meeting. What am I doing WRONG?! Heavenly Father had answered my prayer about the bus, so why not this prayer too? Anyway, at the closing song, we were singing "Did you Think to Pray" and Elder Hunt sat by me so we could share the book. He was like, "So did I scare them away or did you?" and then he could just see that I was disappointed I guess so he goes, "Julia's here this week!" trying to encourage me, ya know? I HAD NO IDEA! I had a mini freak out of excitement complete with a fist bump, and then got back to the song. The line we were on was, "prayer will change the night to day," and I just felt so strongly that THAT is what Heavenly Father wanted me to know. If I want investigators at church, I have to be praying HARD. I can do that. Thanks, Spence. 

So we're teaching Dutch to this family from Sri Lanka. It's hilarious because they have pictures of their Hindu gods all over their house, and even though they know we're only there to teach Dutch (and give them a good view of the Church) they never fail to show us a YouTube video of Sri Lankan Hindu temples and tell us they're not interested in changing their religious views. It is kind of sad how they got here though. Sri Lanka is scary. 

So transfers. Elder Hunt is how I stay sane. He's leaving. And E Price is coming. He was just in Utrecht, which is where Zr GW also started. Zr GW and I are staying, but I've been given the assignment of Sister Training Leader. I'm really excited for this opportunity to get to serve and get to know the other sisters better. It's gonna be crazy and a lot of fun. And a lot of trains. The best part is that I get to see Sister H on the 17th for mission leadership training. 

I have learned that I really want to marry an American with as much wanderlust as me. 

Oh mom, you were wondering what happened last week. So everything was closed in Maastricht because it was in between Christmas and New Year’s, so we had to email at the church at district meeting. We had to be home by 4 though, so in order to make our train, we really only had like 45 minutes to email and get back. But I'm going to take a little time today and try to send pictures so yaaaay

Nancy and Pfortladies, thank you SOOOOO much for the package! I love you ladies so much and I am praying for you always! Thanks for thinking of me:)

You people have fun. Go do something crazy for me this week.

Be like Gideon's small force of 300. Stand strong in your own place.


IK HOU VAN JULLIE (ha, gotcha Spence)

Zr Heilner

Love her!  I get to see her for mission leadership training!!

Harry Potter wand. The Elder wand. I was in heaven. Courtesy of Angelika Brauers (she's GERMAN!)

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