02 February 2014

Week 31: When I told the ZLs I don´t know what I´m doing, they said, "Join the club" lol.

January 13, 2014
 Geliefde Familie:
Alright, first bit of big news: I read and understood Harry Potter in Dutch last Monday. Call me apostate for not reading the missionary library, but that was SO COOL. You guys probably don´t even realize how much I have to limit my thoughts of Harry Potter. I didn´t realize it was such a distraction in my life. But it´s all about love, so I figure it´s not the worst thing to be obsessed with.

So my bike chain fell off again this week. I wanted to punch someone. Wait, I´m a missionary... I wanted to...I can´t really think of a nice way to put my feelings into words. I´m going to really have to work on that. I wanted to punch someone in the face. Hard. This is my second bike! And it has a cover over the chain that you have to remove to put the chain back on, so I called one of our investigators to see if he had tools to fix it and he did and it was so nice of him. I was borrowing his bike while he was fixing mine, and it´s the most hilarious thing I´ve ever seen. Zr GW has a picture of it. It´s really short and has wheels like half as big as mine, so...it was fun.

Norns, I got your letter. You are my hero.

Dad, we were talking about our relationship with our Heavenly Father and how it should be like our relationship with our earthly dad, whether that means you have to strengthen your relationship with your earthly dad or your HF. All I could think was that I love you--with or without a beard.

You guys have no idea what a blessing it is to have quiet sacrament meetings. We had an investigator at church again yesterday (!!!!!), who committed to trying to Word of Wisdom (!!!!), and Sunday was her first day. She told us how she´d have a HORRIBLE headache without her coffee, so we bought apples and brought ibuprofen and it was so good! But I was just thinking about how much I´d never want to come back to a church that was loud while I had a headache. She is also having trouble recognizing that she has a relationship with God, guess what. EVERY talk was about The Spirit, prayer, or our relationship with our Father in Heaven. INSPIRATION. SO COOL. She´s coming to institute again this week. She is awesome. PRAY FOR HER.

I GET TO SEE SISTER H THIS WEEK. I´m so happy. We have mission leader training meeting or something on Friday. SO EXCITED.

I left my camera at a member’s house. I´m so sad because I´m in Eindhoven right now at the church so I could send pictures more easily, but whatever.

Saint Catherina Church, Eindhoven 


I really love you people. So much. Thanks for being such good examples to me and not smelling THAT bad. I miss you guys, but there´s nowhere else I´d rather be. Sometimes I want to punch people in the face, sometimes I want to shake people for not coming to church. But it´s all going to be okay because I get to live with you beauties for eternity. First I´m sure we´ll have some sort of family feud to work out at some point. Love you guys.


Zr Heilner

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