01 September 2014

Week 64: Serve to Convert?

September 1, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

My companion taught me econ! We wrote it on our miracle wall too since I’m such an econ retard.
So after I email, I usually am exhausted just because of all the high-intensity haha but last week I was sort of feeling like something was missing and then I realized that it was because I didn't give a Charlie update!! She's our 17 year old investigator that LOVES the Spirit. Every time we have a lesson with her, we can be really open. She trusts us a lot. I love teaching youth! We ask her how she's feeling every time she's with us and she gives us this amazing explanation (well...idk if amazing is the word...usually she fumbles around for words that are things like, "happy? excited? nervous? loved?") of how she feels the Spirit so we just get to testify that it's coming from God and that He's happy that she's taking these steps. Her foster mom isn't exactly jazzed about her coming to church, so she's not allowed to until she's 18, but that's in January. So she'll be baptized then! It's kind of a long buffer period but I hope that we can just keep giving her bi-weekly spiritual bombs so that she'll have to stay on the right path.

This week was super fun. We had a ward activity (well...really a birthday party for a member, but the DL said we could go) so we went mini-golfing! It was so weird. We had one of the really old members there, Ben, he's so sweet. He was helping me haha. He was like, "okay, you wanna aim for that wall so that you can bounce it just right" and I actually did alright! 

So a really cool miracle of the week: We had a free evening, so we decided to go look somebody up. We both felt pretty good about one address, but it was kind of far away and in a really rich area. So we went, and it turned out to be a business, so that was confusing. But we chose a random street to go door to door for the rest of the night. We started asking people if they needed service, then giving them our card and telling them they could call if they ever needed anything or knew anyone that needed anything. And then we would ask them if they'd ever heard of our church. But one door, the lady actually told us about how she'd JUST gotten off the phone with the bank talking about how she'd have to sell her house because she couldn't afford it anymore. But she needs to fix up the yard and everything. She was at first really hesitant to receive help, but she needed it so she even called us angels and gave us a huge hug right there at the door. We went to help her on Saturday and it was really nice. We talked about our beliefs. She's really spiritual and cool! And I hope that more service opportunities come. I love being the answer to somebody’s prayer. She told us how she was thinking before we showed up that she didn't know how she was going to do it all, so when we came she knew we were sent to help her!

We had zone conference this week! It was great. They first hit us really hard with how true the Book of Mormon is. And, since this will be read to the ward, I'd like to expand on that. The Book of Mormon is true. I know that. It's written FOR US, so everything that is in the Book of Mormon is something that we can use. Heavenly Father only let them write things that could be applicable for our time--He KNEW it would be buried in the ground until our time. I have been changing my studies recently, making sure I ask myself what the importance of every passage is for ME and how I can learn from it. It's really enhanced how I look at the Book of Mormon, and I challenge you all to do the same. Even when you’re thinking that SURELY it has nothing to do with your life, dig a little deeper (Like the Tongan, Dallace Leota taught my class) and find the meaning. It's there, and it will probably open a huge channel of revelation. I've been able to have some really humbling experiences through this process, and I'm definitely still learning, but I know it'll become more natural and that Heavenly Father will want to give us more knowledge once we really use what He's already given us. The Book of Mormon strengthens families. I know that as we read it individually and as families every day that we will be able to withstand everything the adversary throws at us. He will make it hard for us, but we can be prepared.

So I'm on so early today because we're going to Amsterdam today! Sisters trip woo! 

Dad, I'm so jealous that you’re going to the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia! That will be so cool! Make sure you eat saute sauce when you go to Indonesia. It’s so so so good. We have a ton of Indonesians here because it used to be a Dutch colony. I'm so excited for you. You and your super star lifestyle..I can't believe it.

Well I should probably get going. I love you so much. I know that Christ's church is back on the earth through the efforts of a prophet. I'm so grateful that we have so many things on the earth to help us throughout this journey.

Oh, also, I talked to Lucy and she said she'd sing at my homecoming, so make sure there's room in the program for that, thanks.


Veel liefs,

Zr Heilner

There were so many people in church on Sunday from 
Den Haag! Marije--she's wonderful!

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