15 September 2014

Week 66: The seeds have been planted.

September 15, 2014
Geliefde Familie:  
MTC district!

We didn't get transferred.
Oh so Mom, James' area in Hamburg is right next to where your's was. And he loves it. He's like, "I bet I'll meet people that your parents know!" So that's pretty cool!
I had a pretty interesting talk with Zr Robinson after Mission Conference. She told me that there's a reason that I'm here in Lelystad. She also told me that the more leadership positions she's held, the more her circle of influence increases, but the lonelier she feels. Sure, she's got President, but who's to say that his day was any easier? It was really interesting. She said at the end, "You're a good missionary, Zr Heilner. And you're a good woman." It was good to know that she really believes that I'm here for a reason.

So want to hear something cool that Elder Ballard shared with the Stake and Ward leaders of the Europe area? He told them to speak their mission language for 20 minutes a day because you never know when you'll get called to use it again. COOL. I hope I use Dutch again.
C: she's doing great. We had a bit of a scare when she told us her parents don't know we meet, but then she told us that she did get permission, so phew. It's going well. We introduced her to more ward members and she loves them. 

We found a ton of new investigators. A couple of weeks ago, before we were told not to go door-to-door, we found a really cool African, and we'd been trying to follow up for weeks and we taught him last night finally. He gets it. We were talking about why he can't just keep going to his church and reading the BoM. Why he needs the Priesthood. 

One of the members who was on a mini mission two years ago took us to look up a family that he had taught. They set up an appointment, and we met with them this week. The mom has some really interesting ideas about Spirituality and reincarnation, but the son is REALLY open and cool. He wants to know everything about all the churches, but he committed to reading in the Book of Mormon and praying about it, so I know that in time, he'll come to know that it's true.
Mission conference was awesome. I got to sit by Ethlyn and Zr A. I miss her so much. I realized the importance of surrounding myself with people of like mind and testimony. Zr A leaned over and said to me, "Is this what the Celestial Kingdom will feel like" haha...she has six weeks. 

I learned a ton and got to sit by them at mission conference <3
Well, sorry this is kinda lame, but I love you guys and I know that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. We have a lot of new investigators and we're going to be working really hard to get them to progress. Seeds of faith have been planted and I hope they grow into huge trees. 
Zr Katherine Heilner

I don't think we've ever taken a normal picture but he's (Elder Muse) dying in two days 

She’s got four weeks! This is such a Heliner-Hudson moment! (I don't even remember who caught it.)

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