22 September 2014

Week 67: Crazy Week!

September 22, 2014

Geliefde Familie:

First, Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you, and there's a letter in the mail for you.

So this week at church, I translated all three hours. My tongue is actually sore from rubbing against my retainer so much...pathetic? Yes. I never realized how much people talk. Usually I get an hour break in between sacrament and RS for Sunday School (which is usually taught in English) but I had to translate all three hours. Why, you ask?

BECAUSE WE FINALLY HAD INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH! HALLELUJAH. F and his mom, C. They are two of three members of the B family that we teach. They also invited one of their friends to take the lessons with them. It's amazing. F especially is so ready to learn. C has a lot of interesting views about spirituality, but I think she liked church. She said it was kind of distracting how loud the children were...shoot, welcome to Mormonism. We have another appt with them on Friday, woo!

C was sick this week, but we still met with her once. She is doing well. We love it. She's so humble and willing to learn.

A, the African I told you about last week is SO COOL! I love teaching him. He has the BEST questions and is SUCH an honest seeker of truth. He wants to know.

V is ALSO an honest seeker. He's a little bit...well, he's going to be difficult to get to church, but it'll be okay. We can do it. He has a crazy story, involving people having a weed plantation (I don't think that's the proper term, but it's okay), but basically he needs the gospel and he knows it and he loves reading the BoM.

We made Surinam’s food this week. Roti, one of my favorite things I've had op zending. I'll need to learn how to make it without the packets you can buy at the grocery store so that I can make it for you guys.

Well, I love you guys. I love learning about the Pre-existence. You know, we chose each other because we knew we'd be what we needed to get through this life. And to learn from each other. We all developed very very different gifts before we came here, and so now we're better equipped to help each other. I love you and I'm so grateful for your examples. Post a Mormon message on Facebook this week.


Zr Katherine Heilner

Some pictures of Den Haag--Familie Scherf. On Zr GW's last day.

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