02 September 2013

Week 11: Life is a state of constant radiation and absorption.

August 26, 2013

Geliefde Familie,

HOI! This week has been fun. We traveled, taught, and had a good time. Every night when I write in my journal, I think about what I was doing a year ago on that day. This week was eventful. Aug 22 was the first day I lived alone! I met Megan Wight and a bunch of other people I would end up being friends with for the rest of the year. The 23rd was her birthday! Happy birthday, oldie. Love your guts. The 25th I met Alyssa. The 26th, Bayley, Alyssa and I went into a random room in Jay Hall and ended up meeting our best friends Norns and Snitchell. What a good, good week. And now school is starting over! Annie, are you taking German? You better be, child. Tell Herr F I say hi. He's awesome. Tell him I tried Belgian fries like he suggested. They're really good. 

Yummy Belgian Fries

This week’s travels had me alone with another Greenie in Groningen. It's happened before, but this week, I had to go somewhere I haven't really been before and I got kind of lost. It's really hard for me to get my bearings here, which is quite frustrating for me, but it's getting better. I should get a digital compass or something.

Just found out I need to be done emailing right now. Sorry! I will write a hand written letter today and get it sent off. 

Life is a state of constant radiation and absorption. I love that. We learned about that in Zone training this week. Everything we do influences people. We as members are to mourn with those that mourn. For FHE read Mosiah 18 and talk about what you can do to help the kingdom.

My companion got her palm read in the middle of a restoration lesson this week, which was weird. The lady told her she'd never be able to be with the love of her life. For some reason, they'd be separated and never be able to be back together, but they'd always be confidants, so that was definitely interesting. Good thing we don't believe our palms define our destiny. 


Zuster Heilner

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