15 September 2013


September 9, 2014

Geliefde Familie,

Yeah, I'm still in Groningen with Zuster H. I'm so glad, because now I have the groove of the city down and I know how to be a missionary and stuff. I'm still learning, but I'm having FUN this transfer. I had fun last transfer too, but this one is going to be really good. We are going to baptize people, I know it. We have an investigator with a baptismal date! I'm so excited. He is wonderful, but he goes to Germany every weekend to work, so he can't come to church...I need to find him a church in Germany, but we never have time to look it up on the computer...

Dad, guess what. I had a Döner today and it was beautiful. They call the tortilla ones that you can get in Russia "pizza döners" which kinda makes me laugh.  

Doner Kebab

Mom, you'll be proud. I have become an expert at putting the chain back on my bike. It is kind of a bummer that I have had to do that...it falls of about once a day. I need to get it fixed, but we went to Zwolle today for a training meeting for Zr H, so I didn't get a chance. We can go riding a lot when I get back! Not that I do the same kind of riding that you do, but I like biking. Also, thank you for updating my blog frequently. You are wonderful. Really. And not just for that.


 BYU SMASHED UT?! Sweet. I mean, I love UT, but that's kinda cool. So is BYU good this year? I miss those football games! Seriously good times. Too bad my times here are WAY BETTER!

Mom, I don't need a helmet for Christmas. I hardly ever fall, and I would have more accidents if I had a helmet because people would throw rocks at me. 

We did a ton of service this week. It was really good, but we didn't get to teach as many lessons as I would have liked. But it's probably how it would have been anyway because everyone is getting back from vacation and is starting school and is super busy...rough, but we will find time to teach them!

I got to see the stars for the first time this week! I love the stars. My companion was pretty impressed because I was naming off constellations like a boss...while on a bike. I like that it gets dark earlier. Night time is my favorite. I'm also glad I'm getting to know the city better because my companion almost took us the wrong way last night because she can’t tell where we are as well when it's dark. Mom, thanks for that sense of direction. 

You asked about cooking. I eat a lot of pita, hummus, and spinach, with the occasional salami on top. We make pasta a lot because it's fast. We can't really go home for lunch or dinner because we live so far away, so we just bring peanut butter sandwiches and apples a lot. I want to get celery...that's such a good snack. I've never been a raving fan of apples. Is oatmeal healthier than granola?

You also asked about a washer and dryer. We have both! It's quite nice. Today actually the "reservoir" light kept blinking and I remembered from our dryer in Russia that we had to put water in there for it to work. Yay Russia. 

Spence, do you still have all my files? Do you have my mission prep file? Can you email me the PMG lesson outlines from there? If I have them...I should. I made them last semester.

Daniel, I played soccer today in Zwolle. You'd be proud. Maybe. I am prettaaaaaay bad. 

I LOVE YOU ALL! I'm so sorry I don't have tons of time to write and send pictures. I will try to do better. This P-day was insane...I don't like insane p-days.

I'm so excited to hear about this 6-week mission! That's a transfer to me. INVITE! 


Zuster Heilner


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