17 February 2014

Week 36: We Run for Trains

February 17, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 


I feel like this week has been so so so much running, climbing all the stairs, buying all the tickets, getting to the platform and watching the train pull out right in front of my eyes. That happened right before Zone Conference in particular. Zone Conference was in Belgium, and I had NO idea how to get there. Luckily, Elder C (who got separated from his companion in the mess of everything) led us and two other Elders through the country to the Antwerpen chapel. Thank goodness. We were a little late, but at least we made it! We had slept over in Breda the night before, and the only one that slept more than 4 hours was Zr  GW. I was exhausted that day. And was still recovering afterward.

Let's see, other unplanned forms of exercise this week: Diana's dog got outside. This dog has SO MUCH energy. It was raining of course. So we went running in the cold to go catch him. He only got to the doggy park, so we were able to lock him in there and go get his leash. We had a member with us and he was training him on the way back to his house haha. 

Grammy, thank you so much for the package! I can't wait to make the cake on my birthday. It's even on a Friday (the day when we stay in the apartment for three extra hours to do weekly planning) so I'll get to have it then!! LOVE YOU!

Mom, I want you to know that for the past four months, I’ve flossed my teeth every single day. Yes. Also, could you look up a book called "my first book of temples" by Deanna Deaper Buck and read it and tell me if it has good things to tell recent converts?

Zr Adams!!! I hope you see this before you enter the MTC, but you do not need to bring temple clothes. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO GET HERE!

We got transfer calls last night. One of my favorite Elders is coming to be the ZL in Eindhoven. Stoked. Elder E is his name. He's hilarious. And he knows Ty Skousen, one of my other favorite people ever. Zr GW is going to Den Haag. I'm excited for her. I'm getting Zr WB! She is so cool. She's been out as long as me and lived in Gottingen, Mom!! She's crazy and hilarious and 21 I think. 

Maastricht is so beautiful (Elders from my district)

I love you guys so much. We were talking to our adorable neighbor this week and she was asking us what we do. She told us about a light she saw in us, and when we started testifying about the reality of the Atonement and eternal families, I think she really felt the Spirit. 

Diana is doing really well. She came to church on Sunday and said it was "a good change." The ward really welcomed her. It was amazing to see. Federica, our Italian investigator, also came for the second time and loved it. She is really, really sad Zr GW is leaving. 


Zr Heilner
In Heerlen. My new coat and boots

When my companion makes us Brazilian chocolate at the end of a loooong day!

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