10 March 2014


March 10, 2014

Geliefde Familie: 

Yeah, it's such a big deal that it goes in all caps. It really was pretty insane. We noticed that as the festivities went on, the weather got better. It was great when it was all rainy outside--nobody wanted to party in the cold mist. But it's gotten to be BEAUTIFUL weather (winter never really happened, or so I hear, but I was still thankful for my coat a lot of days) which means there's nothing stopping the party. People are finally coming back into town too, so YES.

ALEX, I met a Chi O from Baylor!!! I was so excited. I gave her a sticky note. I actually talked to some of her friends for longer, they're so nice! She's studying here in Maastricht. SO COOL. 

YOU GUYS I WENT TO BRUSSELS TODAY! It was so fun. Elder S (who is from McKinney haha) proposed this idea last Tuesday. The opening line was, "Sister Heilner, has anyone ever taken you to Brussels for your birthday?" Basically he used to serve in Belgium so he had all these really cheap tickets, so we just had to buy a ticket to the first stop in Belgium (which is like super close to us) and then we went with the Elders! We met up with a bunch of other missionaries too. So fun. I SHOPPED AT PULL AND BEAR. My favorite store in the world that isn't in America. I got some really cool jeans and a great sweater. Such a good day. And now Elder S can say "I've taken a girl to Brussels for her birthday." Ha.


On my birthday evening, we went to the Wheatley's.  That's the family that called Dad while they were in America. Andrea lives with them. The Johnson's were also there. It was a lot of fun. They wouldn't let me do any dishes. That DAY, my companion bought me Kibbeling, basically fried fish. It was amazing. And we bought companionship pants. They are basically leg sweaters. They're so cool. 

So our AWESOME investigator Federica was out of town this week because of Carnaval, but we got to see her on Sunday. She's determined to quit smoking. She knows it's going to be hard, but she's so serious that she had us take the tobacco (and even her emergency cigarette that was hidden in a box on her shelf haha) and lighter FROM her. It was amazing. She's so strong. I love her. I told her I'm going to meet her in Italy and she's going to show me around Verona (her home town) and I'm 100% serious about it. She also met missionaries while she was home and talked to them hahaha. 

We've been walking Diana's dog basically every day recently. He's half pit-bull, half American Stafford. He's really really strong. It's absolutely hilarious though. We take him to a doggy park and throw a stick to him for like 15 minutes. It's a great service for her, and fun for us. Then he's so tired that he doesn't bother us (as much) in the lesson. It's great because we have almost daily contact with Diana and we help her out with Charlie. She can't walk him on her own. 

Well, I love you guys so incredibly much. You should make mormon.org profiles.


Zr Heilner

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