17 March 2014


March 17, 2014

Geliefde Familie:

My companion made confetti and threw it at me on my birthday

OH MY GOSH I can't believe I am half way officially. Sometimes I'm like, "what? I just got here." but sometimes I remember how long it's been haha. 

So...the bath and body works soap...why would they make it NOT anti-bacterial? I don't get it. 

What's my blood type? The other three Limburg missionaries are O negative, and I just have no idea. I'm probably an outsider. 

Limburg missionaries

DEANNA AND LUCY-- oh my heavens. You guys. Deanna, that book. I love it so much. Thank you for all the work that went into that. I will cherish it seriously forever. And thanks, Michael for the candy. And the wristlet, you guys spoil me. Luc--miss you gurl. Thanks so much for the notecards! They're perfect. LOVE YOU.

SO, some great news: we have started having institute here in Maastricht! It was a GREAT success. I hope it's the basis for a branch that could get started here in Maastricht. It's so far for the members and investigators to travel to Heerlen...currently it's being held in an elementary school. The benches are really tiny, which is humorous, but it works!! I felt the Spirit just the same. Federica and Ivan came. They both had great questions and I am so excited to see what happens this week. I'll actually be on an exchange in Breda, but Zr WB is going to be great. 

Poor Sister WB this weekend: she had a slight case of food poisoning AND got attacked by Diana's dog...it was ridiculous. But she is a trooper and everything worked out okay. 

The most insane dog in the world that attacked Sister WB

JAMES--you're entering the final days....good luck! I'm so excited for you!

Well, this computer keeps shutting down, so I have to be careful, so I should probably get this sent. I love you guys. You're constantly in my prayers. I sent a letter a few days ago. I also sent one to Nancy. Hope she's doing well. 

IK HOU VAN JULLIE. Thanks for looking out for me. Thanks for the prayers. I miss you and can't believe that I will see you in the same amount of time I have been gone. That's insane. 


Zr Heilner

This man posed for me at Carnaval



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