24 March 2014

Week 41: Another CRAZY Week!

March 24, 2014

Geliefde Familie:

Well, another week has CRAZILY come and gone. I cannot believe how fast time goes. This is the last full week of this transfer. I'm on my sixth transfer, and sisters have 12 in the land. YIKES. 

Ha, I just opened a new tab on this public computer in the library and half of the "most used" links are from mormonchannel.org or lds.org since I've used so many sites today haha. Missionary work. Speaking of, if you guys ever need to write a talk, use scriptures.byu.edu. It's great.

We thought it was turning to springtime. We were wrong. We walked out of someone's house the other day, into the SUNSHINE, and it began to HAIL. WHAT?! And it got cold again! Oh well. It's getting better at least. It won't be like it was in February again. 
It started hailing in the sunshine...

So I went to Den Haag this week! We slept there so that we would be closer to Leiden for Mission Leader Council. We got really lost. Zr WB served there for two weeks, so she got us pretty close to the apartment, but actually getting there was a little difficult. But its okay, Zr GW came and saved us. It was fun getting to see her again. She's there in a tri-panionship. Those three have the worst luck with bikes, ever. And you guys thought I had it bad.

Well...my bike situation update. So last Monday, I got a flat tire. But we had an appointment with the ward mission leader that night, so I asked if he'd be able to come help me fix it that night. He did, but then he realized that it wasn't a problem with the tire, but with the actual wheel. It's the back wheel, which is usually more expensive to buy new than a good bike...so he told me he would look this week for an extra wheel. So nice of him.

I went on an exchange with Zr Juchau (the end-all-be-all of a sister missionary. And it's her last week before she goes. It was really sad. She gave me a lot of really good advice though.) in Breda. I had a great time with her. She's a phenomenal teacher and so selfless. Anyway, when I got back to Maastricht, I was really confused why Zr WB was walking towards the bike stalls. I knew they had to have taken the bus because the ward mission leader told me to just wait for a week until he could find a replacement wheel. So I asked what she was doing and she told me she and Zr S had achter opted from the apartment. I felt so bad that she would have to carry me on the back of her bike back up to the apartment. But she insisted. So we got to the bikes and she unlocked a green bike that I had never seen before and claimed that she just had a random key. But then I found out that while I was gone, Broeder van der Pluijm came to Maastricht and dropped this bike off for me! And he wouldn't let me pay for it. It's a lot different than my old bike, not quite as nice, but it was SO nice of him to give me! I couldn't believe it. It would have been SUCH a pain to have to use the bus the whole week, that was such a miracle. 

So church was great. We had Diana and Federica there. Since this ward is like little America, we have potlucks every fourth Sunday. During the potluck, Diana went up and asked a member if he would baptize her. When she came up and told Zr WB this, we were so surprised. He of course said that it would be his honor. Anyway, Zr WB asked Diana when she would like to do that, and she supposedly told Zr WB to stop asking when haha. But that's AWESOME!

Federica is doing well. We couldn't get in contact with her for a while, but we stopped by one night and she let us in. She basically told us how she'd messed up and she didn't want to come to church or institute to be around all the people at church. We talked a lot about how church is not for perfect people and how when we try to make changes in our lives, we usually fall. I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father is longsuffering. What that means is that no matter how many times we mess up, no matter how many times we say we're never going to sin again, sometimes we fall, but Christ will never tire of helping us back up. We wouldn't learn without the falls. 

Well, exciting things are happening here. I love getting to see the Lord's hand so often. I want everyone to serve a mission. I learn so much every day about how Heavenly Father looks out for us. 

IK HOU VAN JULLIE. I hope you have a great week. 

Zr Heilner

At the mission home--Zr Wood and Elder Lewis

At the mission home--Elder Muse

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