03 March 2014

Week 38: Ugh, would everybody please stop telling me I’m 20...

March 3, 2014
Geliefde Familie:
I STILL HAVE FOUR MORE DAYS OF NOT BEING OLD. This week is crazy. Carnaval is happening here in Limburg. Carnaval is happening, and it's ruining my life, I should say. Not REALLY...but let's just recap what happened last week. 
For one thing, we found this really cool American named Alexa! She used these words, "actually I’ve been thinking a lot about God recently, so yeah, I’d actually be really interested,” so at that point we basically fell over at her door. Our lesson with her was AMAZING. Then she went out of town to avoid Carnaval.
Federica stopped smoking!!! She's doing so well. I want to see her so bad this week but I can't because she went back to Italy to avoid Carnaval. 
We had an appointment with some really cool guys for Friday morning but it fell through because they were hung over from Carnaval.

We can usually go contacting in the Centrum when we don't have appointments, but since it's absolutely insane and packed with drunken people, we have to avoid the Centrum to avoid Carnaval.
Seeing a pattern?
So Carnaval is this week long Halloween sort of thing. It's like a DUI parade. And by DUI I mean Disney Under the Influence. It's all the parades and children dressed up of Disney but all the creepy smells and confusion of the drunken bums of the streets of Moscow. 
We DID however have 3 investigators at church on Sunday, which is a HUGE DEAL for us in Maastricht. It was insane getting them there though. Rides from Maastricht to Heerlen...wow. I totally understand why mom never let us have sleepovers on Saturday nights. She’s traumatized from Sunday mornings being the most insane thing of her mission. So Diana was at church. She´s basically already a part of the RS. It was so cute to see her help everyone with the potluck that we had after the meetings. Pepsi was also there. Yes, that´s his name. He is our main source of referrals. It´s fantastic. He was sort of falling asleep though...I hope he enjoyed himself. He´s from Cameroun. Ivan (who aslo has a baptismal date) loved church. I am SO happy about that. 

Dad, it was really funny. At church, there was a little girl lying on her dad´s lap because she was sick. Her dad was patting her back and comforting her, just like you would have done. But instead of you telling me when I was sick a Scooby story or something, he was telling her about the molecules in her body that were reacting to her disease. The difference between parents who do and don´t go to med school.
Alright, I'm actually at the ward mission leader's house emailing because everything is closed BECAUSE OF FREAKING CARNAVAL but I’m probably just going to spend more time next week emailing. grr.

Alright, I love you people. Don't fear--fear is something that we have to overcome in this life. Let us offend Satan by serving God. 
Zr Heilner

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