06 November 2013

Week 20: I feel like a real missionary!

October 28

Gliefde Familie,

I did a lot of walking this week. And knocking doors. That's why. It's so frustrating. Most people here haven't seen "Hastening the Work of Salvation," so they think they don't need to help us. This work is not us anymore. My companion said, "We are here to help the members do missionary work, not the other way around." And also, "missionaries are full-time teachers, that means members are full time finders." I think she read that in the Liahona or something. IT'S SO TRUE PEOPLE. A member of the bishopric called me on Sunday seeing if I could give a talk the next Sunday and I basically took it as an opportunity to tell everyone that they're missionaries and we need them. 

So yeah, this week was really kinda hard. I don't usually get home sick, I don't usually feel like I'm not getting anywhere, but this week I kinda did. But it doesn't matter because if I focus on my needs less and just do the work, the Lord WILL provide, I know it. 

Temple conference was so cool. We watched the old video but in Dutch. It was sooooo awesome. Everything in Dutch. It was kinda hard actually finding the temple, but we did it and it was awesome. That's my miracle this week. 

I love you guys so much. Miss you! Especially around the holidays, but it's okay because I'm helping other people be together for eternity. 

My companion is an angel. Seriously, she is amazing. She told me president was sending her to me because she needed a break but I'm afraid it's just as hard here. Maybe she doesn't have to worry about me, but our appointments keep falling through and stuff. UGH. 

Anyway, yeah, I got a new bike. I needed to. I have had signs enough. My last bike actually broke too. 

I didn't get a new coat because I have a wonderful one. Seriously, I am soooooo glad you sent me the one from Russia. I just wish it had a hood. If you can find a cute rain hat...that'd also be good for Christmas. Buttttt you know you're Dutch when you can bike and hold an umbrella. And HOLLA AT ME GURL I can do that.


Zuster Heilner
Missing Her!

Cool map in the station that is so old that it doesn't include Flevoland

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