18 November 2013

Week 22: I just had the coolest day! Obviously because it's Annie's birthday.

November 11, 2013

Ellen took us to a really old castle with a beautiful garden

Geliefde Familie: 

Okay, so let me explain why I am emailing at two different times. Last night not only did our first plan fall through. Not only did our back up plan fall through. Our second back up plan also fell through. Zorg niet, kinderen, I always have another plan. BUT, my brilliant companion was like, "Hey, remember when our neighbor invited us to come over sometime for tea? Let's go!" So we went and asked about the holiday. Today is basically Dutch Halloween. It's called St. Martin. It's only celebrated in the north. We basically needed an excuse for her to invite us in, so we were like, "we just wanted to know what protocol was. Like, how much candy should we buy and how late does it go?" Cause since today is P-Day, we can hand candy out for a little while! They sing a song and carry lanterns and we give them a snoepje. Pretty excited. ANYWAY, she offered to show us around the province! So we went all around province Groningen today. It was so cool.

St. Martin! Kids came to our door! We gave out candy and mormon.org cards

Grand Canyon! Also, listen people; I'm NOT fat, okay? It's the coat.

So I keep hearing that missionaries in America aren't allowed to go door-to-door anymore. Can someone verify this? They seriously just get enough appointments? I had four appointments planned the other day, which is pretty good, and they ALL fell through. UGH.

Things here are just really different in the Church. I mean it's all the same, but I've never seen a high chair for feeding children in Sacrament Meeting in America. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Other super different things. I said at a family's house, "We are here to help YOU with your missionary work" and she said to me, "Sometimes it feels like we're only here to help YOU." Well...if that's the feeling the Holy Ghost is giving you...HELP US. Also something frustrating. We all have those sacrament meetings where we're like, "wow, I hope there aren't any investigators here..." well I had one of those last week and we had six investigators.

MIRACLES THIS WEEK. Seriously. I feel like a TON of my plans fell through, but we saw so so so many miracles. Basically, everything fell through one night, so we went to look up some potentials. Met their family, and they're SO prepared. But the wife is 8 months pregnant and is having problems, we found out when they cancelled our last appointment, and is now in the hospital. So...hopefully we'll be able to visit her. Another miracle. My bike broke YET AGAIN. I wanted to kill somebody. Especially because it was literally the day after I picked it up from the shop. But I took it back, and the nicest man ever fixed it for me for free. He was even making jokes because he could tell I wasn't very happy. And then he showed me how to use a binnen band to "tie a bunch of Bibles more easily to my bike." So basically he's the best.

Just learned that this library closes at 5, which is now. uuuuh we are going to go to the church later to send pictures. I have cooool pictures. I saw Germany today!

I love you people so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE! Keep it classy. There's a letter for you in the mail.

Oh before I forget, the Facebook that has pictures of me in an eating contest is called "Groningen Jovos" oh and the blog of the senior couple here is romigscalledtoserve.blogspot.nl I thiiiink.


tot straks, ik zal meer bij de kerk email. uh, google translate that.

Zr Heilner

Our cute neighbor, Ellen, offered to show us around Groningen Province. This church was closed but she just asked the person who lived right next door if they had a key and they gave it to us so we could go inside!

At the castle, we ate apples from the trees...hehe. Ellen did it. When in Rome, right?

GERMANY! A little island called Borkum...you can barely see it. James, it's in your mission!

Pretty sweet sun dial

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