24 November 2013

Week 23: Good Week Busy Week

November 18, 2013

Geliefde Familie:

Really, this week was quite busy. I was so tired. I AM so tired. I'd rather be tired than bored though, so this is good.

Let's see, highlights of the week. I know some people do it by day of the week...I think it'd be boring if I did that personally. Hmm. First, the Gouts! Broeder Gout took pictures of the house and showed me! And he even printed me an A4 sized picture of Maddie. You must have told him how much I love her because he gave me a page protector for the picture too. I love it. Also, as always, thank you for replenishing my stock of American peanut butter candy. Knowing your daughter’s peanut butter needs is a sign of true love.

Well, this week we hit a new low for white-trash. Remember when we went to that little town outside of Moscow and we all got holes burned into our coats? Well I decided I was going to find a solution so I put black duct tape over the little tiny holes so feathers don't come out and guess what! It works. I refuse to get a new coat. I love mine. Duct Tape and all.

There's a really sweet inactive lady in my ward that we visit upon request of her son, who is not a member and usually takes the 40 minutes to tell us about how hard his life is. He says he's got "burn out," a real medical condition here where you get more vacation time. In America we have the same thing, but you people probably only know it as "life." I told him that everyone gets tired and if it's really that bad, then he's probably going to die soon if he doesn't take it easy and read the Book of Mormon. He's ridiculous.

I went to Mass this week! Made me think of you, Norns! I felt the Spirit for sure. I love knowing that Heavenly Father is present wherever people are worshiping him. We had a really cool appointment with the girl that took us to Mass afterward, too. She thought we had a special way of converting her by having her read specific verses in the Book of Mormon...she thought we tricked her just like "Mormons tricked Ann Frank” by baptizing her....ugh. The internet.

I know that as we read in the Book of Mormon, our testimony grows extremely. I've seen the converting power of the Spirit through the Book of Mormon. Read it. I know it's true and I know that it was translated by a prophet of God. I know it helps us in our lives. It gives us peace when nothing else in the world can. It gives the formula for how we can get back to our Heavenly Father and live with him for eternity.

IK HOU VAN JULLIE. This is so important to me. I'm so glad they called me on a mission. ;)

Keep the faith, stay strong, power through, all the motivational things I can say...


Zuster Heilner

Sint Erklaas is in Groningen this year! This was the centrum on the day that he came. We were contacting for a little while before an appointment so we could catch a glimpse, but we didn't really see him. Jammer.

Elder and Sister Romig.  They are the greatest!

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