17 November 2013

Week 21: Mystery

November 4, 2013

Me 'n Mystery ;)

Geliefde Familie:

Well. I have the best family ever. They send me locks of my dog's hair (happy birthday, Fat Dog) and peanut butter m&ms. And hand-warmers, which are going to become a necessity very soon.

James, I am still DYING that you're going to Berlin. I have members in my ward right now that live in your mission! LSDJGHDSK SO COOL. Say hi to President Kosak. 

So. This week was also kinda rough. It's pretty frustrating because we HAVE people to teach, but they're not easy to get appointments with. At all. A lot of them look really positive though. We had four appointments for Tuesday, which is a lot, and they ALL fell through. In other news, Chris got the Priesthood on Sunday! He is doing SO well. He came on a joint teach with us on Saturday, where he bore an incredible testimony and inspired our Chinese investigator to pray alone one more time to try to get an answer yet again. He said he would do it, so hopefully he gets an answer that he recognizes soon. Anyway, back to Chris. He also gave us a referral (the first member referral I've seen in WEEKS) and had just gotten it because he was basically contacting while he was waiting for us to get to the appointment. He asked us for some copies of the Book of Mormon for his friends and some pass along cards that he could give to people. He's just so good. I'll get to go to the temple with him in a year, I know it.

So Mom, you asked if I got to do anything cool for Halloween. It's not celebrated here. Actually they have their own thing in Groningen next Monday, but it's different. We just got a new senior couple though and they are quite American, so they did an activity for institute, which we got to go to. It was a lot of fun and I FORGOT MY CAMERA!  But apparently the pictures are on Facebook somewhere. How do I know that? I did an eating competition and someone in my ward told me about seeing it on Facebook haha. 

So I got a new bike! Yay. I love it. I named it "Mystery” because I think it's ironic. That's kind of a cliché horse name, and it's my steed ya know? And also it's spray painted black. Then of course on Saturday it broke. Same thing that happened to my old bike. But I decided it was worth it to fix this bike because I actually really like it. 

This is so hard you guys. I'm not talking about the Muslim women that open their door a crack and tell us we are wrong. I'm not talking about biking 40 minutes in the freezing rain. I don't even really know what makes it so hard. It is working though. We are on the edge of something so big. Keep working. Keep the faith. Stay strong. We are so blessed to have this in our lives. Don't take it for granted.



Zuster Heilner

Trying to be artsy but my camera would only focus on the molen

A Zr. who went on a mission and always gives us advice

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