26 November 2013

Week 24: Gone are the days...

November 26, 2013

Geliefde Familie: 

...of only wearing one pair of socks

...of going outside without tights

...of saying "it hasn't frosted this year yet!"

...OF MADELINE BEING YOUNG--happy birthday pretty lady! Miss you Pfortmiller girls <3

...of Groningen.

Yeah, I'm getting transferred. I'm going to miss it a lot here, but I have only heard good things about my new city, Maastricht. My ward is English speaking though...so that's kinda lame cause I would love to improve my Dutch. I will still be teaching Dutch people though, so that's good. I'm going to miss my angel of a companion, but I think I'll have a lot of fun with Zr Greenwell. She's hilarious. She's only been there one transfer. I am VERY close to Germany and even closer to Belgium! I'm stoked. It's going to be a good area. 

Grandma, I want you to know that that skirt you gave me that you used to wear...I wear it like twice a week. I love it. Thank you so much. 

Sometimes weekly planning takes FOREVER. I mean, it always takes about 3 hours, but sometimes it feels like a whole day, and there is nothing worse than being inside and feeling like you should be outside. But then you start to get stressed and feel like you're useless so it just is not that fun. Last week, we were really excited to get outside because we had a really cool appointment, but then it fell through, so we had no plans for the evening. After talking for 3 hours about what you can do for your investigators and then not being able to meet with any of them was sort of discouraging for us. Solution? We sang and danced to "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" before we left the apartment. It was awesome and it totally worked. We got some really cool appointments for this week when we went out contacting with a good attitude.  

We had Thanksgiving on Sunday with the Romigs.  It was the best.  They are the best.  They decided to have Thanksgiving early because of transfers this week.  They wanted our old district to be able to celebrate together. They made your sweet potatoes, Mom!!!

At the Romigs for Thanksgiving—yaaaay!

It felt like home at the Romigs because we got to make the sweet potatoes:)

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, we are trying all sorts of Dutch goodies, but at the store we saw something that said "Kartoffel Marzipan" and since we both took German we were intrigued and bought it. Ended up being little potato-shaped and colored pieces of marzipan haha. Delicious. 

Dad, yes Brugge is in my mission. I hope to open it up for sisters one day. 

I love this country (and continent, let's be real) more and more every day. I am in my dream scenario. Serving a mission in the most beautiful place on earth. My life is so good.

IK HOU ZOOOOO VEEL VAN JULLIE. Bedankt voor de liefde en steun. Ik ben zo dankbaar. Ik weet dat deze kerk waar is. 

Dikke knuffeltjes,

Zr Heilner
We had to hang up a CO detector. Dad, thanks for teaching me how to use power tools.

With the 96 year old missionary-loving man in Groningen

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