05 November 2013

Week 19: Livin' the crazy life in Groningen...ALONE

October 21, 2013

Geliefde Familie:


Jk, I'm not alone. That would be breaking some serious white handbook rules. But Zr H is officially gone, so I'm the only one that knows where everything is. And the most experienced Elder left too, so I kinda feel like their mom a lot haha. Basically, what I have to say about this week is that I am alive. I DID IT. I was pretty stressed about getting to some dinner appointments that are outside of where we usually go, but somehow (not somehow, by the Lord) I figured it all out. It's absolutely amazing, this work. The Lord qualifies the called. 

In other news, nothing dries here. My gloves and ear cover got wet one day, so I put them by the heater to dry and they were still soaked when we had to leave in the morning. WHAT?!

I'm actually in Amsterdam today!!! My companion was just in Amsterdam serving, and we have Temple Conference tomorrow, and since we live in the boonies, we are sleeping in A'Dam today, and since it’s P-Day, we came early so we could do sightseeing! And Sister H is serving here...so it was for fun too hehe. 

Dear Young Women of the Plano 9th Ward, thank you guys for writing me! Go on missions. They'll kick your butt, but you'll be so glad they did.

So Dad always would tell me cool tracting stories. Not necessarily "cool," I mean, most of them are just funny, like putting panty hose over someone's face or underwear on someone’s head (do we see a pattern here...?), but MOM! What are yours?? I guess if there was a theme for mine for the last two transfers, it's that if Zr H ever didn't like food people gave us, it would either mysteriously end up on my plate or in my bag.

ALEX ELIZABETH SELF. Have you gotten my letter yet? I hope so. It's on a really cool card. I love you. What is going on in your life?!

My companion is great and really neat. She's basically an angel.

Well, friends, I love you. So much. Do family history, I know that the more we learn about our heritage (and let's face it, we have cool heritage on both sides), the more we learn about the Lord's hand in OUR lives. Go on joint teach with the missionaries. They need you guys. Bear testimony to everyone. This is the most important thing. Ever.



Zuster Heilner

Temple Conference

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